Orbit stroller (ok, "travel system")

  1. We're just starting to look at strollers and such since I figure I have to get a registry together soon. My husband really likes the Quinny Buzz, since the unfold is so cool. However, it's a darn heavy stroller (around 25 lbs. compared to 20-ish for most.) Now I'm thinking I want to check out the Orbit, Bugaboo Chameleon, and maybe the UppaBaby Vista, having ruled out Mutsy and the Stokke Explori.

    The Orbit is kind of my mental front-runner, without having gone in to play with and compare those three specifically, partly because of the cool design, because it eliminates the need for a separate infant car seat, and because it supposedly is good for travel (which I hear the Bugaboo is not.) I will admit that I like the Orbit also partly just because I'm sick of hearing about the Bugaboo.

    Does anyone have an Orbit? What's your opinion of it? Do you feel like the car seat is safe (we'll get a Britax once we get past the infant stage, but for the infant)? Is it as easy to install as they claim? Does the Orbit have enough storage (that little "pod" looks teeny-tiny)? Is it really suitable for travel? Does it fold up easily enough that it's not torturous for regular car use? Would love to hear your thoughts. TIA!
  2. I have the Orbit!!!!! But... I am still waiting on baby, haha. I have wheeled it around the house and absolutely love it. It is a piece of cake to fold down as well! And I love the built in diaper bag. I am soooo happy with it even thought I haven't actually used it. Also they just came out with the toddler seat so once they outgrow the infant... you just have to buy the toddler seat. I haven't yet tried to install the base into my vehicle but from looking at the instructions it looks as easy as the rest of the stroller is. I read amazing reviews about it before I purchased it. And about the pod... the diaper bag... I thought it looked teeny as well. I was pleasantly surprised bu how roomy it is. I don't even think I will need my diaper bag unless it's going to be a big outing. I give the orbit a big thumbs up!!

    PS... I ordered mine from AHAPPYMOTHER.com and there is no shipping fee!!! It came in like two days too!!
  3. The Buzz is not all it's cracked up to be. I owned a Quinny Zapp (european style) and the material is crap. Quinny is NOT a top brand and it shows in the details. Decals rub off too fast, etc.

    Honestly, I think you will love the Orbit. I had the xplory and LOVED it, but probably would have gotten an orbit if they were out at the time I needed it. But DEFINITELY get a stroller that will rear face for a LONG time as babies go through this separation thing and they HATE not being able to see mommy!
  4. Oh wow, I just checked iout the Orbit and it looks so cool! We got the Quinny Buzz to use with the Maxi Cosi car seat and no complaints so far! It's wider than Maclaren (which is what I used for my older boys) and definitely heavier but the suspension is great and it's easy to maneuver.
  5. Ah the width factor - REALLY consider this when looking at ANY stroller. ALSO do the one hand steering test. You WILL need to move a 20-30 pound child in a stroller with one hand a LOT.

    The stroller I got initially for my son was the Mountain Buggy Single Stroller with bassinet. Fortunately, I got them WAY cheap (when they were still all the rage), but I was SOOOOOOO disappointed in this stroller. Yes, it handled great, but the canopy was horrible, the material was so scratchy, the bassinet was pathetically short and shallow and it was soooooooooo wide!. The back wheels had little nubs that stuck out 3/4s an inch each wheel and I got stuck on EVERYTHING.

    I forgot what it's width is now, I but I think it was 29 inches or something like that. It was only ONE inch narrower than the double Mountain buggy in the wheels!!

    Another thing to really consider is how easy/complicated is it to fold/open and how cumbersome to load into cars, carry into the house. Strollers that open up on themselves easily are a reallllllll pain.

    Oh, another thing about the Buzz, I've known several people who have owned them since them came out in Europe and Canada (US is slow to get them) and they tend to have problems - first year it was a persistent squeaky wheel, the next year it was something else, I forget, but the general consensus on the 2007 model is that they made the seat smaller by a LOT and because of it, they aren't as good for toddlers as they used to be.
  6. I saw the orbit online and love the idea of the system.
    However, they are not available to the Canadian market.
  7. There are retailers in the US who sell to Canadians, but you will get socked a pretty hefty fee. Might be worth a drive down!
  8. Thanks ladies! I have no meetings today, so I'm going to head out at lunch to try those three. I'll report back.

    I'm really liking the Orbit, especially after that feedback from ILuvMyHusband. I do sort of wish it came in cuter colors, but I see that the infant seat has color padding options, and, hey, there are always blankets.

    Thanks for the warnings about the problems with the Buzz! It was really cool and I've actually heard good things about it from other people, but it was noticeably the heaviest stroller (btw, if anyone is looking at the Mutsy ones, the 4Rider feels much heavier than they claim it is!) I'm one of those people with super-sensitive hearing, and a squeak would drive me up the wall!! :push:

    Berryblondeboys, kudos to you for managing the Explori! I tried it this weekend at an event. Even with the Stokke W. Coast rep helping me, I could get it folded up maybe 1 time in 7. She kept making me try it again, hoping I would get it, and it started to feel like a driving test or scuba certification test or something where I had to demonstrate the required skills to pass. I just wanted to run away. Clearly, if I do that badly in the store with someone coaching me, that's not going to be the stroller to use when I'm on the street in the rain with a crying baby.
  9. OK, I checked them out at lunch and I'm still undecided between the Chameleon and the Orbit. I think I'll haul DH in to the little store near us this weekend and try them out with him. The UppaBaby Vista was super-heavy, so that's out. If I want a heavy stroller, I'll stick with the Quinny and its fun colors and cool unfold!

    Here were some of my Orbit vs. Chameleon thoughts in case anyone else is having the same debate:
    - both were easy to fold/unfold, much easier than I found the Stokke or the Mutsy when I looked at them. I think even an easier fold than the Quinny, but I don't remember that well since this store didn't have it.
    - both were reasonably light
    - both seemed easily manouverable with one hand or two

    Bugaboo pros/cons
    - Pro: single handle (DH prefers to separate)
    - Pro: feels more weight-balanced than Orbit, which is back-loaded. I got the feeling that if I put too much on the handle, it would tip.
    - Pro: near-full recline on toddler seat
    - Pro: roomy bassinet
    - Pro: cute colors
    - Con: bassinet not standalone (no base, not supposed to set it down on its own)
    - Con: need separate infant seat (but does take Graco SnugRide which is what we'd get)
    - Con: seat was harder to fit on than Orbit. Has to be placed over two fairly smallish posts, which are hard to see when you're actually trying to put the bulkier seat on them.
    - Con: ginormous travel case. Realistically, would mean that we'd buy an umbrella stroller too.

    Orbit pros/cons
    - Pro: don't need separate infant car seat
    - Pro: easy on/off base. Nice that you can put the car seat in at angle, then turn and lock.
    - Pro: standalone bassinet. Can get base for it to use as a cradle/rocker in house.
    - Pro: can turn sideways to use as high-chair.
    - Pro: folds up very compactly, could be used for travel
    - Pro/Con (not sure which): Cargo seems smaller, maybe because it's enclosed. Their comparison chart says it's actually a bit more capacity than Bugaboo's.
    - Con: Recline on toddler seat doesn't go that far back. Seat actually reclines with a strap across the back, so you shorten or lengthen the strap and it holds the seat up accordingly. Nice because there aren't fixed positions, it can be anywhere in that range, but not sure it will always hold where you put it, if the kid is flailing around (which could be why they don't make it long enough to go back all the way.)
    - Con: limited color options till you get to toddler seat, then there are trim colors available
    - Con: weight distribution seems like it could tip back more easily (SA didn't think so, but I did.)
    EDIT - hmmm, wait a minute. just looked at the Orbit comparison chart more closely, and it may address a couple of these problems.
    - The toddler seat may recline fully (though it sure didn't seem to when I tried it, but they say it does.)
    - They also say it can be folded up with the toddler seat on which would tip the balance in favor of the Orbit.

    Also, I wanted to clarify my previous post, since I'm not sure how it reads when I look at it again: berryblondeboys, I think the Stokke is super-cool, so was pretty bummed that I'm too uncoordinated to work it properly. I really wanted to love it, which is why I was at an event with the Stokke people, but I just could not get the hang of it. I know it's about me and not the stroller! (I will also admit to being generally uncoordinated and klutzy.) ;)
  10. I think the Xplory has a pretty large learning curve. I could, because I timed it - (I've reviewed it for epinions too) take the stroller out of the car, open it, put on the seat and have it ready to go in about 30 seconds. Same with taking it apart, but it does take some finesse.

    I loved it for the high seat, SUPER easy steering, rear facing and the GREAT hood. I have really tall kids, so all these strollers with the top of the canopy flat with the top of the seat are deal killers - especially since my son is a red head. At 10 months he almost hit his head at the top of the cameleon which is one of the reasons I never liked the bugaboo strollers very much.

    Also, as much as all these strollers are great, you will want a second stroller eventually. There is no such thing as one stroller that can do it all.

    Technically, I could still use the Stokke Xplory (though I sold it), but it was getting harder to maneuver curbs outside and he liked to climb in and out of strollers now and to do that with the xplory meant I had to get rid of my storage bag, which now meant NO place for bags, coats etc. That's when I got the Red Castle Whizz which I love, but I wouldn't have liked as much as my infant/young child stroller.
  11. I looked into this and found out that they are not legal to use here because of different saftey rules and regulations. :tdown:
  12. Also wanted to add - The Orbit wouldn't work for my toddler now either if I wanted to use the hood ever - again, a low hood. the only strollers that work for my son are those that are high up (think Maclaren) or a bubble hood like Xplory and Bob jogging strollers. My son is 2.5 years old and we don't use a stroller a lot, but we still need it. He naps GREAT in them so shopping is usually timed around a nap if I want to see anything! Not to scare you off from them, most people don't seem to have these same issues as early as I had them, or they don't walk outside much with the stroller, so the hood isn't a big deal.
  13. Thanks. Good point on the canopy, I've been checking them out since I'm guessing baby will have sensitive skin like me (have been told that if I were any paler I'd be translucent, red hair, green eyes, get a rash from extended sun, as do my dad and brother). Baby will probably not be super-tall. I'm about 5'6" and DH is about 5'9". DH's parents are both short, as is my mom (my dad's more like 5'11"). So hopefully he'll fit under whatever we get.

    I don't mind if we only get a couple of years out of it and then use something else, just don't want to regret whatever we get as soon as I start putting it to regular use.
  14. My baby is not 6 months yet, but he's already outgrown his infant seat. So, now I'm shopping for a convertible car seat/ stroller. I just read about the Orbit and really like the fact that it swivels. My question is: Is it dumb for me to get the Orbit now since I don't need the infant seat (one of it's main selling features) anymore? BTW, do they sell the frame separately- so I can get the toddler seat and the frame (without buying the infant seat system)?
  15. ^^ They don't sell the frame separately as far as I know. The toddler seat is right around $200 if I remember correctly. Personally, I hesitate over it a little bit if you aren't going to use the infant seat, since it's going to end up costing you a good bit of money, some of which is for functionality you won't use (though maybe you could sell the infant seat and base on eBay or craigslist and recoup at least the $200 for the toddler seat.)

    What I would advise is going to check it out in person with your baby and seeing how he fits and what you think of it. I didn't think the swivel part worked as well for the toddler seat; the leg portion is definitely a bit crunched by the handles if you have it rear-facing (to the point that I didn't think it went that way, emailed Orbit about it, and went back to try it again.) While it folds up with the infant seat on, it's not small that way, definitely need a big trunk or you'll need to take the seat off.

    I just checked their website, since I didn't think they had a toddler car seat, but it looks like they just released it. So that could make things a little better, since you could at least get use out of the base. Though they also advise that you get the toddler stroller seat as well (distinct from and in addition to the toddler car seat.)
    Yikes. This is going to boggle my mind when my little guy is finally big enough for the toddler seat - thank goodness he was tiny and we'll have a while in the infant stuff!!