Orbino Ellipse

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  1. Hi. I was just wondering what you think of Italian designer Orbino's new Ellipse. They seem to be sold out of most models at Neiman's but they seem to be selling online (I think).
    I have my eye on the black one with black haircalf. I love the braided piping and the multi-sectional shoulder strap.

  2. I like the shape and style of the bag, but don't particularly like bags with really long straps.
  3. Never seen this one before. I love bags with fine detail. Good pick!
  4. I think this is a great looking bag!! I really like original styles, lots of detail, and especially fine leather crafting. This bag has it all! Tell us more about Orbino!!
  5. Really unique looking buckle and I like bags with long straps!
  6. Very nice bag! I haven't seen anything like it. Very original. Nice details.
  7. it's actually not my style but it's not that bad
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