ORANGE you going to share in my joy?! (PICS)

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  1. Yesterday, there was an LV tPF meet at South Coast Plaza. It was very fun and we even migrated over for a visit to Hermes!:nuts:

    Now, as some of you may remember, I am planning to buy a Swift Lindy as my first H bag. the meantime, I have been building on my collection of small H treasures.:sweatdrop: I have not posted my Lagoon Ulysse, yet, so I will include that, along with the other things in my baby H rainbow.

    With the help of Mr. Posh Spice, I purchased my first plisse, "Pluie d'Etincelles", to mark the 'spark' of new found love I have for Hermes. Lastly, there is a picture of my first RTW, inspired by HermesMonkey.

    Special thanks to all the other enablers that made my H shopping trip very memorable, that day: BrennaMom, Beljwl, Sweetneet, Biru, kmrosco, Jstar, Chinadoll724, NateLouie, LuLuLuv, Frozen713 and Adajal!:flowers:

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  2. :smile:Last two pics:

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  3. Gorgeous. Enjoy themmmm.
  4. ChocoGrace, what great purchases and you look absolutley smokin hot in that dress!!!
  5. Wow love your goodies! the plisse is devine! Which design is it??
  6. ^LOL, Suzie, it's a Les Cles long-sleeved shirt! HermesMonkey has a white one and that is how I fell in love with it.
  7. gorgeous your H rainbow :love:
  8. Docride, the plisse is "Pluie d'Etincelles", I can't remember the exact translation the SA told me...something like Fall/Plunge of Sparks? Hope someone chimes in.
  9. Chocograce, YOU LOOK GORGEOUSSSSSS!!!!!!:nuts: REALLY LOVE YOUR DRESSSSS!!! WWOWOWOWOWOWWW! You look fabulous!!!!
    Love the goodies! Congrats!!!!:heart::smile:
  10. The literal translation is "raining sparkles" I believe.
  11. chocograce -- beautiful purchases!!!

    This looks fabulous on you! (I suspect you look fabulous in any thing!)

  12. Beautiful items!!! Looks like you have a great start to a H rainbow!! Congrats!
  13. [​IMG]

    Wooo, that's hot! :nuts: Love all the goodies you got! :tup:
  14. Yummy colors!

  15. Oh my, you're the second to think it's a, I suppose I just yanked the shirt down as far as it could go (it does have a little tendency to ride up, imparting a sort of "segmented abdomen" look)...NOT cute, I'm not trying to look like a bee!:P

    THANK YOU! That sounds even better:love: