Orange/Yellow...Pics Only!

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  1. Please post any photos of Hermes bags in the related color family as titled.

    Please indicate the color name and leather in which you are posting.

    The purpose of this thread is to view color as it takes on the various leather types offered.

    This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Saffron in ostrich
    saffron - porosus croc.jpg
  4. Birkin - JAUNE EPSOM
    jaune - epsom.jpg
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  5. orange birkin in swift
  6. Orange Swift Lindy

    Source: eBay
    Orange Swift Lindy 2.jpg Orange Swift Lindy.jpg
  7. Hermes Potiron Clemence

  8. Birkin - Potiron Epsom

  9. Kelly 32 - Hermes Orange in Togo

    Orange Kelly 32cm.jpg
  10. Toonie's 32cm Potiron Chevre Kelly with Gold Hardware

  11. 32cm Kelly in yellow Courcheval (I think it's Jaune)
  12. Orange in Togo

    Photo Credit: mightykismet
    Orange Togo Birkin.jpg
  13. Yellow in Epsom

    Photo Credit: rc-fifth-avenue (eBay)
    Yellow Epsom Birkin.jpg
  14. I'll try that again!
    Orange epsom vision agenda