orange vs potiron

  1. Hi everybody! recently I spotted a women carring a beautiful large orange, maybe size 40 kelly. It was absolutely gorgeous. I'm not sure of the color but it was definetly a orange .I could not tell what the leather was .My question is what is the difference of the two. Orange vs Potiron and what leather shows the best in these colors.I checked the reference thread but didn't come up with much I wish I could see both side by side for comparison. Thanks guys:flowers:
  2. Orange is a cooler shade where as Potiron is more pumpkin like and more neutral in my opinion.
  3. Potiron means pumpkin in French. I like chevre, epsom, or Swift for these 2 colors.
  4. Toonie - it's kind of hard to accurately answer your question, mainly because of the differences not only between the 2 colors, but how much darker or lighter they take in different leathers.

    To generalize, Orange will usually be brighter and more of a true orange (like the color of the boxes and dustbags) while Potiron will have a slightly more brown undertone - more pumpkin-like.

    IMO, Orange in Togo/Clemence is slightly more muted than Orange in Swift or Box - Chevre is maybe somewhere in the middle in tone. Potiron is more muted than Orange in Togo/Clemence and looks like a lighter pumpkin color, while in Chevre, Potiron is slightly more rich but still not bright.

    It's also hard to go by pics even if you had them side-by-side since I've seen both colors photograph quite differently. So just try to figure out if you want a more vivid/cool or warm shade and go from there.
  5. Thank you Gazoo, Hermesgroupie and style 101.Sounds like the bag I saw was probably orange. It was a bright color. Well, it looked fabulous. She carried it with the strap. and the outfit that she had on did not match with the orange of the bag, but for some reason It looked great. I think this is going to be my next dream bag.:flowers:
  6. Hello Toonie

    Not sure if this will help as these two Birkins are not photographed side by side, but at separate times, but at least the 2 pics show both the Signature Orange Hermes and the Hermes Potiron

    The first picture is of a Potiron 35cm in togo with gold hardware

    The Birkin below is a 30cm Signature Orange in Epsom with palladium hardware [​IMG]

    Hope these help in some way
  7. Flossy, the pics for reference were lovely! Thank you. I am a lover of orange and I just love when we talk about it and/or see pictures.

    I have a question???? Does potiron or orange come in box leather? If yes, does anyone have pictures anywhere to share? How do the shades look in box? (if it comes in box that is)
  8. Darn Flossy those pics are killin me :nuts: Gorgeous!!!!
  9. Mmm ... yummy, yummy orange!

    I love orange especially in ostrich!
  10. When I saw potiron IRL I fell in love.:love: I bought a Bolide in togo. I'll post pics soon. I loved the color so much I even bought two orange enamel bracelets. The SA commented I really must love the color because I was carrying my LV mandarine Jasmin at the time. I love colorful bags! Either color you choose .... orange or potiron .... you can't go wrong.:P
  11. i fell in love with potiron from Gt's birkin, even if it was just a pic, i bet it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better in person...and this will probably my first birkin color...yippee
  12. I love the potiron more than the Hermes orange, simply because it has a darker hue. More mature looking. It would be great to own a HAC in potiron, I think.
  13. I love potiron in togo and hermes orange in ostrich..
  14. Love that potiron birkin!
  15. Great pix (as always), Flossy! Here is an orange clemence Picotin and a potiron GPT. The potiron canvas is fairly bright, but if you look at the potiron leather, it is definitely a neutral. Love it and want more!!
    H-ourwatchpicotinwithlemonankletwilly.jpg potironGPT002.jpg