Orange Vs. Potiron

  1. I realize maybe this discussion has been had before, but I couldn't find it, so here goes: I am quite sure I would like a classic orange birkin whenever I can get it, but I am finding a bit of conflicting information out there about the colors -- is it not true that potiron is more of a pumpkin, earthy shade, and that the classic orange is a truer, brighter more vibrant orange, perhaps closer to a tangerine color? hard to tell from the photos on my monitor, anyone have personal experiences they would like to share? thanks. . .
  2. You're right. Potiron is more of a pumpkin, earthy shade and it definitely looks more neutral and can go with more wardrobe better than orange. Actually I think Potiron means pumpkin ... it may be the only shade of orange that I can pull off with my skin tone
  3. Greentea has a potiron.
  4. yeah, i love Greentea's potiron Birkin:yes: . Actually, I really missed seeing it from her avatar ...
  5. Yup, potiron means pumpkin:smile: I have the poriton Birkin and it is definitely not as bright as Hermes orange. There was an orange Bearn wallet in epsom, in the boutique when I got my Birkin so I got to see both colours at the same time. Orange is very nice but I told the SA I find it too bright for me. Lemme see if I can dig up some pics of items I've seen here in orange..
  6. Orange is very pretty. I can't pull off the brightness of an orange bag so potiron would be my choice. I do have orange accessories though because I love the color and when I see them in my bag it just makes me happy. :nuts:
  7. Here's a couple pictures of my orange Ulysee (Togo). The color is even brighter IRL. :flowers:
    74BDECB5-D8A4-E3CA-EA2D0B4F40BFF839.jpg 51272A5A-9821-7FDC-8A17161283969C4D.jpg
  8. Ok, I found the orange in the sticky about members' items.

    The 1st pic is my 30 Potiron Birkin in clemence and the other two are Fesdu's Orange Paris-Bombay in togo. Hope she doesn't mind me posting her gorgeous pics here...
  9. This is my plume in chevre Potiron:


    Looks brighter in this photo than IRL. I just love this color...:heart:
  10. Hey~~ Is that a raspberry pink cardholder?:nuts:
  11. Gorgeous bags!! Yup, once again I am re-confirmed that there's no way in heck that I can pull off orange, ever.
  12. ^^ it's orange! :flowers:

    :nuts: Oh beloved P-B!!! Haven't looked at that pic in a while because it makes me want to :crybaby: I want one so bad!!!! Wow the Plume and Birkin are gorgeous. *sigh*
  13. Thanks so much ladies for the beautiful pics which I'm really enjoying, and all your knowledge, of course!!! My logic tells me that the potiron is probably a little easier to wear, and easier on the skin tone, but I think, so far, I am still in love with bright orange, I just love how shocking the color is, and in some ways I feel that those really bright colors somehow become neutral .. .
  14. Sorry~~ Ok, I think it's time for me to get new glasses ...:P Hm, does Hermes make glasses frames?
  15. If orange is still the color you prefer, I say go for orange. Don't worry about how it won't go with your wardrobe or you ... believe me, when it's your dream color, both you and the bag WILL find a way to match. Prior to acquiring anything in fuchsia from Hermes, I've been told by many that I cannot pull off pink, especially a bright one like fuchsia. Well, not only are those people wrong, I found that fuchsia is actually one of the few colors that I can get away with. So, don't despair! Go for ORANGE!:flowers: