Orange Stam

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  1. Hello all-
    I am fairly new to fact, this is the first time I've even posted here. I saw a girl at school with what looked like an orange Stam. I don't know much about MJ, so I don't even know if it was real. If it was, is it still in production, and, if so, where can I get one? Many thanks.
  2. Orange? I don't think that was ever made.... perhaps Camel? Or Saddle brown? Here's a link to the Saddle brown stam:
    Saddle brown is a new color, so it should still be available in dept stores.
    Camel is more of a tan color, not so orangey but that's the only other color that comes close to orange from what I remember.
    If it was orange, it might have been fake if it wasn't one of those colors...
  3. Thank you! It could have been fake. I'm just not sure. It had a small gold plate that said Marc Jacobs above the zipper. Burnt Sienna is a beautiful color, but this bag did not have the same sheen as the one in the photo. Hmmm. I could definitely carry the burnt sienna bag, though.
  4. ^ the placement of the nameplate sounds wrong... methinks that may have been a fake...
  5. You mean the name plate is above the exterior zipper? If it is, funny, cause I saw one lady carried this exact bag about maybe a month ago. Super fake :yucky: .
  6. ew, saw someone carrying an orange fake stam today at Nine West... ick!
  7. I'm glad that I didn't say anything to her about it being cute, then! I can spot a fake LV a mile away, but I don't know too much about MJ.