Orange Spy Bag

  1. I was at Neiman's yesterday and saw the Orange Spy IRL. My 1st thought was "TOO LOUD" but then I modeled it (I had on a cream hoodie sweater, jeans tucked into brown boots) and I surprisingly liked it, it reminded me of an Hermes box. Opinions?
  2. Do you have pics? I dont' believe I have heard of or seen this bag before.
  3. Do you mean the Honey spy? It does look a bit orange in colour but its called Honey.
  4. The SA said it was new and it was really really orange, the honey one was on the shelf below it. I hadn't been to Neiman's in 2 months so I thought I was out of the loop, I didn't even think to take pics! Price was $2190.
  5. There's an orange Spy? Please, someone else confirm.

    SS, is it like a variant of Honey? Or orange, like Hermes' Potiron?

    Ladies, how in the world did we miss this?????? :confused1:
  6. I'm pretty sure there is no orange spy... no offense to ssmama. Maybe it was just from a different batch of honey spys that had brighter dye for some reason.
  7. Fate, it is orange like the Hermes' Potiron!

    Lit, I called Neiman's again, got a different SA, and she said the tag says "Orange", only 1 in stock.

    I live 2 hrs away and I'm saving my vacation for after Christmas or else I'd run up there tonight and take a pic of it. Ok everybody, call their SA's and verify I'm not crazy. :confused1:
  8. Anyone else getting knots in their stomach from this Spy anomaly?

    I'm in a meeting (pretending to listen and work -- SHHHHHH! ;)) so can't call NM. Someone report back pllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaase!!!!!!!
  9. ssmama: we need recon

    I was just in Neiman's in Tyson's Corner a week ago and saw no such thing. This is very intriguing. Anyone else live near ssmama's store?
  10. Lit, I agree, I'm calling my cousin to see if she can go by and get a pic. The fastest I can get up there is Friday, hmmm...SA did ask if I wanted her to hold it for me...
  11. There is indeed an orange Spy. I saw one in the downtown Seattle Nordstrom. Anyone who wants it should call and ask for Caitlin. She will send you pics. She is a tPF member, too. I pulled it down and tried it in front of a mirror. Orange...not for me. But orange loving girls, this is the one!
  12. :nuts::wtf::nuts::wtf:




    Thanks, jburgh for the confirm!
  13. It is quite a pretty orange. Not screaming patrol belt, traffic cone orange like the recent Chloe. The phone number for the Seattle Nordies is: 206-628-2111 (I know this by heart, pathetic, eh, lol?)
  14. ^^jburgh, thanks for the confirmation! My cousin (also a TPF member, so she understands) just emailed me back and said she was definitely going this weekend, but not sooner, and that she will try to get pics.

    I agree w/ u, not an ugly orange, really popped against the jeans and sweater!!!
  15. very interesting -- i wonder if this is new for spring, or a small roll-out for fall?