Orange PST???

  1. Hey guys...It's the PST-obsessed again...I wonder if anyone has seen or has any pictures of the orange PST that they are describing in the lookbooks? Is this kind of orange available in any other style? Soooo curious!!! I'm very tempted to go to the NM Trunk show but I'm not ready for another one just yet...I'm afraid I won't be able to resist...:graucho:
  2. I am curious, too! Anyone?
  3. I would love to see this color too!
  4. I thought the medallion is also coming out in this orange color. It looks more like a burnt orange rather than a bright orange when I saw it in the lookbook.
  5. I believe the timeless tote is also coming in this orange!
  6. When I called the Chanel boutique a while back inquiring about the yellow glazed lambskin flap, the SA told me they are getting a burnt orange color in, which is really more like an orange red. :smile: I'm sure there would be a slight variation in the color depending on the leather (if the PSTs are in caviar, for example), but I'm thinking the orange totes will be more red-orange than true orange in color. :smile:
  7. My SA said she would call me when it comes am interested in seeing it in RL.
  8. Me too.....I'd love to see this cute tote in orange.
  9. Orange sound wonderful, please post a pic when you get it....:heart:H
  10. Is that the orange bag in the Nordstrom lookbook? I am thinking it might be a fun color for spring, but I need to research the pst. Is it pretty tiny if I am used to carrying a baby cabas or jumbo flap?
  11. ~ditto~

    Love to see it if anyone has one....:smile: