Orange Perf Band

  1. I picked up an orange perf bandeau and tied it like Jill to my Batignolles Horizonal. I LOVE IT! Soooo cute!!
    I will try and post pictures later.

  2. Selena .. congratualtions ... pic's demanded
  3. I have been looking for the Perfo Bandeau on Eluxury everyday. Lucky! Can't wait to see pics.
  4. I know me too! My store finally got them in. I told them to hold the fushia but it looked bad in RL. So when I saw the Orange I was sold. I didnt even look at the green.
  5. That sounds so cute! Congrats! I love orange. :love:
  6. I saw that at LV a couple weeks ago, it's adorable. Congrats!
  7. Here is my bandeau on my Batignolles Horizontal:


  8. that is adorable - I would love a pink one!
  9. Thanks!
    I have the pink Plate but something about the scarf just threw me. I think it might not match as much.

  10. :nuts: !!!!!! That is so cute, Selena! The orange adds a nice shot of color to the bag. Great choice!
  11. That is stunning. I really love the scarf with the bag. Now I will be on the hunt for a LV scarf!
  12. OMG!! TOO FUNNY-Selena -if I run into you at Wegmans and we are wearing our matching BH's with the bandeaus...I will fall down LAUGHING!!!!!HEE!HEE!
  13. I knew you were going to piss yourself when you saw that! LOL
    I will tell you this Jill. I went into the boutique SA was holding the Fushia and I almost barfed when I saw it. The color was too purpley. Just off (IMO). So I said, "Let me see Jills" LOL
    I do get credit for tying it in a different spot dont i?

    If we see each other in Wegmans I will laugh my ass off. You know full well we are going to run into each other! Do you wear yours often? I probably wear mine 3 times a week.

    Talk to you later

  14. they actually have it in stock, its in the new arrivals, you can purchase it with only $255 haha. i used to think that it was too much for that but now I see Selena´s one its really worth of it.
  15. Wow Selena do you have a plate perfo? I´m dying for a perfo accesorie, not sure if it willl be the plate or the cless, I saw the cless in store but not the plate, could you tell me what does it fits in? it would be really usefull thanks!!!
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