Orange paddy

  1. Finally got my first paddy, and I'm in love :love: What do you girls think of the color? Does it suit me?

  2. I love your new paddy! Was that the one you got on sale? It goes well with your green top!
  3. OMG! It is perfect! cute..cute...cute... You carry it well!
  4. Gorgeous color!!
  5. Wow! That's gorgeous and the color is so unique!
  6. That is beautiful! I love that color!!!
  7. Love that colour! I like it more than the rouge. It's a great summer and autumn colour.

    I might want one someday :push: Perhaps in the pocket paddy. :p (Don't worry, it's not yet going on my wish list.)
  8. eucalypticd: that's the one! oh it's sooo yummy, thanks so much for helping me w/it :flowers:

    thanks mlredo, hmwe46, pqhandbag, latest_obsession, DesignerElla!!!
  9. YES, It suits you!!! Damn that bag is HOT HOT HOT!
  10. Gorgeous color!! I wear all the colors (cream, brown, tan, orange, olive greens, etc.) that would look amazing with this color... it looks sooo great on you!!! :smile:

  11. hehe, thanks jag and Minal

    Yeah, luckily it's not a neon bright orange, it's better than my expectation :yes:
  12. This paddy looks great on you! :yes:

    I remember when I first saw it on sale at Nordstrom. I took it up to the counter to talk to my SA about it (she knows I would never use a bag this color) in order to get talked out of it. ;) Then this guy comes up and asks if I am buying the bag because his wife saw it and went to get him and when they got back it was gone (I had taken it at this point). He said she really wanted it and I think he said he was getting it for her as a Christmas present? Anyway since I didn't want it I handed it to him and he bought it. I hope his wife is happy with it. :smile:
  13. seahorse : YAY!!!! It looks so good on you!:yahoo: The color was not for me, but I knew it would be perfect for someone and I guess that was you! It's going to look gorg in the fall. The size is really great if you're not super tall imho (I'm 5'3" so I may be biased:rolleyes: ) b/c it comes off a little oversized, which I love. Rock that bag!:rochard:
  14. What an awesome color! Love looks great on you!!
  15. Laria: you are so kind, I hope I can be of the same in that situation =)

    eddavhhr: thx so much, I'm thrilled. I'm only 5'5, but heck, I don't care, I'm hugging it to sleep tonight =D

    mewlicious: thx! oh I'm so happy now, my coworker, who is a guy, came by and said, "Nice bag!" hehe