Orange oversize Muse? Should I get it or not.

  1. What do you ladies think about Muse in orange? I haven't seen in person but show pictures of the color.

    What color is it? Is it bright orange? Any info about the color would be nice. :p

    And where can I get one?

  2. Its looks amazing on you. Do you wear it everyday? Is the OS too big to carry everyday. That's the size I want.

    Does the color get darker by use?

    Do you get alot of compliments? Where did you purchase your bag?

    Sorry for so many questions. :p
  3. It is the OS muse, and I used to wear it everyday when I first got it. I did wear it today for my haircut and shopping afterwards. I don't think it is too big to carry everyday. I only carry my Treo cell phone, MJ zip clutch, and makeup bag and sometime a water bottle. I do carry it over my shoulder, and it is not heavy for me. But then I'm 5'2" and a size 10, not exactly petite :sad: -yet!:smile:
    I'm not sure about the color changing...I did see another pic of the orange muse on the thread I mentioned and it looks more broken in...mine still looks like the pic, with a few spots here and there (I'm rough on my purses.)

    Actually, I do get lots of compliments! The color and style are unique and unlike what other people are carrying at this time. I came across this bag in Minneapolis at a Marshall Fields/Macy's YSL boutique. They used to sell YSL accessories, but when the store became Macy's, they stopped. This Minneapolis Macy's still carries LVuitton, Jill Sander, Lanvin, D&G, Celine, Marc Jacobs, Coach, etc. handbags. The only other place I have seen YSL muses in MN and other YSL bags are at Nordstrom at the Mall of America. Oh, I saw an awful YSL Rive Gauche return at NeimanM for full price!

    I hope you find the muse you like! :yes: Keep us posted!
  4. DSC03259.JPG

    Well if you are looking for something bright, orange muse is just the way to go... although personally I prefer something less striking.. like this oversize muse in biscotto which I bought (difficult decision biscotto vs. oak brown)!! :confused1:

    I like the rive gauche bag in caramel too...!

    I think I made the right decision though!! :yes:
  5. gr8heart. thanks for the info.

    ria, nice color. I don't want something bright. That's why I'm debating on orange.

    I want a color that's neutral but has a statement and a color not a lot of people carry.

    Is biscotto same color as orange? b/c that's what I thought. :confused1: :p
  6. If I remembered correctly, biscotto is a different color from orange. The orange one is much more bold than biscotto.

    I think you should go for the biscotto colour, it's camel brown and have that vintage look about it. You can definitely make a statement from it:supacool: . I did! :graucho:
  7. Go for the orange--its a beautiful bag!
  8. I, personaly, LOVE Orange Muse :heart: I went to YSL boutique to look at Oak color Muse but Orange one just striked me. I think it is a very beautiful color, I like it even better than Oak, although this color is gorgeous too. The orange is not "orange" color per se, I would describe it more of a honey color. I think it is a very versitile color and could be worn all year round.
    I'm thinking of getting an Orange one myself but in Large :smile: