Orange or Burgundy Paddy Clutch?

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  1. Hello,
    I'm deciding between an orange or burgundy paddy clutch. Any suggestions?

  2. :heart: i say get the burgundy clutch--think it will go with more colors! as burgundy can pass as a nice neutral...
  3. Thanks for the advice! I agree more versatile is better :yes:
  4. I'm not a fan of orange, so I guess that kind of disqualifies me...but burgundy. Is it burgundy or burgandy?
  5. The official color is actually Mahogany. I just remembered Burgundy in head (what's burgandy?)))
  6. Freesia, have you seen the clutch IRL. Its really tiny, cannot hardly get anything in it, but perfect if you just need to carry some cash and not much else :smile:
  7. I agree Mahogany is more versatile. It goes well with everything. But if you want to make a fashion statement, pick orange.
  8. Mahogany
  9. I just received the Mahogany paddy clutch I had ordered from Bluefly. Seems authentic but I'm not an expert (all my knowledge comes from the reading this forum!) Chloe-babe, you're right. It's a lot smaller than I thought! I will be returning it and looking for a slightly larger clutch. Any suggestions are welcome!
  10. I saw a few IRL. It's more like a wrislet than a clutch but it's so cute!
  11. its half price on aloharag, so you might find you like it alot more for alot less money ;)
  12. It's sold out now, but good thing I grabbed a red clutch. Yes, you're right about liking the price. :P
  13. New Dilemma: I ended up going on AR and bought the pewter clutch at 50% off and just got an email from AR saying that one of the metal studs had fallen off. My 2 options: cancel order or have AR ship it back to Chloe for repairs.

    What should I do? Seems like a really good deal but not sure about getting a defective product.