Orange or brown handles on Speedy

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  1. I've heard that this is a dead give away of a fake :confused1: , but then I see some people with this and they swear there bag is real :confused1: My speedy has light colored handles they have gotten a little darker over time but not dark orange or brown :?:
  2. hmm... i know some long time LV owners that used leather oil on their vachetta (im talking about LV collectors eversince the early 80's) perhaps those things turn the leather into something like that...
  3. The patina process does go through a orange-ish stage and very old bags will have a dark brown patina.
  4. just seems odd that the handles would darken "that" much over time :shrugs:
  5. :yes: :yes:
  6. I've seen Speedys and also Pochettes with chocolate brown patina.
  7. um. ew. i hope my lvs never get that dark!!!!!!
  8. ^I couldn't stop looking at the patina! I like patinas, but I prefer the honey colour ones.