orange muse, yay or nay

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  1. I love the orange one. If I were to buy one right now, it would be the orange or the purple because I feel that they both go fabulously well with neutral clothes (mainly because the bag is a very simple shape, but really stands out in those colors). Go for it!
  2. I have the orange OS muse. It's a great color that blends well with Jeans and dark suits.
  3. i say yay! it's a pretty color
  4. I love the color. It will be prefect for summer, but it will also look great with dark clothes.
  5. Don't want to make you cry but the XL muse was on sale (50 % off) in orange and biscotto 2 days ago on LVR. I took my time (too much time sadly) to wonder if i should order one or noe (i wanted the biscotto ) and after it was to late. i'm so so sad !:crybaby:
  6. oh thats sad! so next time decide faster haha ;)
  7. i can only speak for myself...... and i'd have to say nay.
    i can't stand orange.
  8. i'm not a big fan of orange bags...
  9. YAY!!

    I LOVE it. I'm just like you with the black, white, and gray clothes (my friends are always complaining that I need to get color in my wardrobe!) I surprised myself by buying a orange leather gucci with bamboo handles a couple years ago. You really will be quite surprised at how much the orange looks great with. I can def see this color with dark suits as well as jeans. I didn't know that they had this color. I think my black muse needs a sister....:graucho:
  10. I like it.
  11. hi all
    thanks all for your advice. i'll give myself 2 weeks to consider on it since i just purchased a white mombassa and need to take a little break for my purse.:smile:
  12. I saw this color in neiman's last week. It looks beautiful - i say Yay!!!
  13. I am a freak for orange! And the muse is a great bag (I have it but mines black)
  14. Oh, I LOVE the ORANGE!!! I have the large Muse in chocolate but I would rather have the orange!!!:yes: