Orange Morning After..slight denim ruboff even though I used spray protectant..

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  1. I purchased a RM Morning After in Orange and I first conditioned it with my Coach leather moisturizer then a few days later sprayed it with Apple Guard rain/stain repellant or whatever its called. I sprayed over it twice and tried to be sure I got the corners and all that. It has been about a month and I went to condition it again b/c it is so dry in my house and I noticed a little thin strip of denim rub off on the piping on the bottom. Its not bad but all of my jeans are really dark and I haven't used it that much yet.
    I tried using my Coach leather moisturizer since it says it will remove dirt also to remove it but it is still there. Should I be using an actual leather cleaner that is specifically for cleaning instead of moisturizing? No one else would ever notice the rub off unless I point it out to them and even then unless you are really into bags and knew what you were looking at you wouldn't be able to see it but it is an orange bag so eventually you will be able to see it. Did I not spray enough protectant on it or is this just inevitable no matter what?
  2. Sorry to hear about. Maybe some of the other ladies can offer some on how to get rid of the ruboff. However, I just want to say that many, many people on the Coach sub-forum advise against using the Coach leather moisturizer. Seems that it contains silicone which is bad for leather (or is it the stitching?).

    I now have a bottle of Coach leather moisturizer at home which I no longer use.
  3. I think denim transfer is inevitable...

    I recommend Lovin' My Bags cleaner... always cleans my bags right up! :tup:

  4. Try using a white eraser to it BEFORE putting anything else on it. It'd be less effective when moist.
  5. I used my Coach Moisturizer on an HH bag I had about a year ago and it ruined the leather. It made dark spots all over the bag, almost like little oil marks. Then I read here on tPF about that it contains silicon distillates (or something like that) and can stain or damage some types of leather, and I threw it in the garbage and would never buy it again.
    Best to stick with LMB products, Apple Guard products, or Wilson's TLC products for RM. My Wilson's TLC conditioner removed light denim marks (very faint blue marks, barely there. I think once it is a dark blue mark, it may be permanent).

    ...Sorry this happened to you and your MA.
  6. Lovin My Bags cleans up denim ruboff amazingly! Or, you can always take it to a leathersmith and see what they can do for you since you already tried to treat it yourself.
  7. A white eraser??

    I am in the process of ordering the Lovin My Bags kit right now. Thank you so much the replies!
  8. Yes, try to erase the stain away with an eraser. White erasers are recommended for lighter colored bags so that the erasers themselves don't leave a mark behind. I've tried Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser on one of my lighter colored bags and the jean transfer lifted away. Make sure that your bag is dry when you attempt this. Oh, and don't rub too hard that you lift the dye off too!!!

    I've only tried LMB for preventative measures and it's good stuff! :tup:
  9. Ok seriously, lovin my bags rocks! Thank you so much for recommending it. I ordered it and received the kit in 2 days and it was so had little heart sponges in with some of the cleaners and decorative bags holding each item. Anyway, the best part....
    The cleaner is magic! It removed all my denim rub off! There was a lot of blue on the cloth..I hadn't even realized there had been so much on it. Yay! So thank you!
  10. What is the name of the kit you ordered? I want to get it and have it on hand just in case I ever need it. I have some of the LMB products but I don't have this kit. Any info would be great!
    Congrats on getting the blue off your bag!
  11. I'm eager to know too so I can take care of some denim ruboff :smile: