Orange Kelly 32cm

  1. Hi guys!

    I just saw it today at a local Hermes boutique.

    I like it, there is nothing I don't like about it except that I was hoping for a more togo or clemence texture *but then again I think those rougher grain texture looks better with a birkin than a Kelly?

    Should I go for it???
  2. Like shopmom says "Go for it only if you LOVE it so that you won't regret it later", only if you love it ;)
  3. I agree with amkur. Buy it if you love it...but if it's going to be a great expense, buy it if you'll also use it often.
  4. This is not about whether you love the kelly or not. You already love the kelly judging from what you said.

    Go for the orange kelly!!! It's beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love orange, the perfect Hermes color!!!
  5. i love orange!!! Its a beautiful bag!!!
  6. rochas & pink : so orange is perfectly fine? I always get beige bags, so as long you guys think orange is as classic as a hermes can ever be that gives me great assurance.

    amkur & princess : i do love because I believe as a person who adores handbags, I MUST have at least one kelly AND one birkin :smile:
  7. Yorelica, my very first Kelly 32 is in Potiron (pumpkin orange - slightly darker than classic orange), chevre de coromandel.

    I :love: :love: :love: it! :yahoo:
  8. only buy it if you love it.
  9. Oh Gigi your Kelly is TDF! I think we ALL love it!!!!!

    My vote would be for Potiron!
  10. Yorelice, like gigi leung, my first Kelly was an orange one too, albeit in classic Orange and Togo leather. Souple 32cm. Palladium h/w. It's a great 1st Kelly to own. The brighter, younger conterpart to the other great 1st Kelly classic, the Black Kelly. It was this bag that convinced me that an orange bag is indeed a flexible accessory which goes with almost all outfits.

    Of course, echoing hermes_lemming, "...only buy it if you love it...";)
  11. You sound as if you love the Kelly style and the size. Do you love the color and leather type? I mean love it? You might have regret later if you don't, so make sure you do and don't be swayed by others. After the thrill of the purchase you are the owner and you need to use it, so you need to love it!

    I have always loved orange since I was a little girl, so it is a no brainer for me...but I still want other bag colors before I take that leap.

    All the best and let us know!!!
  12. Yorelica, so the bag is orange and not potiron (pumpkin), right? I can't speak for everyone but a lot of Asians have found orange to be a challenging color to pull off due to skin tones. Potiron tends to work better in this case. I think you should go into the store and try the bag on, make sure the orange agrees with you and that you love the bag, THEN buy it.:yes:
  13. I love orange!!!! But I passed on a potiron chevre Kelly because I love togo/clemence. Like my DH says get the one you trully love or you will still be wanting it five minutes after purchasing the one you kind of love. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  14. I agree with Kou.. go to the store and try it out and see how u feel about it.. its the best way to make this decision..
  15. Tell me about it!!!