Orange Juice stain help!

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  1. I spilled some orange juice on a white printed dress (this one to be exact) this weekend and it left a stain (I thought I'd soaked it all out).

    I've tried soaking it with shout, detergent, etc and nothing is working!

    I also tried a mix of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water that lightened the stain but the spot is still visible.

    What else can I try to get the stain out without ruining the print?
  2. Perhaps take it to the dry cleaners.
  3. Definitely try the dry cleaners. A few years ago I wore a white Tokidoki tshirt to a concert, and it got so gross and dirty from the barricade (even after washing it), I brought it to the dry cleaners and everything came out!
  4. oh wow i didn't know that OJ stained! i just spray resolve on every little stain before dumping it in the laundry basket. it's the resolve for clothes stain i got from costco.

    anyone know how to get rid of oil stains on shirts?

  5. I put liquid dish soap like dawn and it draws the grease out...