Orange graffitti speedy yay or nay?

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  1. Hi everyone! So i have stumbled upon a pre-lvoed graffitti Speedy in orange, it's in very good condition and for a very, very good price!.. Well no one placed any bids on it and If no one does I'm considering snatching it up.
    Thing is.. I've never really been crazy about that line and am wondering if it looks dated to wear it nowadays? opinions please..
    I'm thinking that if I just get it and if I don't like it then I'll just sell it at the about the same price that everyone seems to sell them on ebay and consignments stores, then I'll actually make a profit on the bag, but.. are this bags still sought after or do you think that I will be stuck with it? What would you do?
  2. Its a hard one......while l love the line, l dont like orange - just a little loud IMO. Im thinking its dated - unless its in pink :smile:
  3. If you really love it, you'd wear it regardless of whether other people feel it's dated. If you're just buying it because it's a good deal, then put the money towards something you actually love and will carry without caring what people think about it. Just my humble opinion. :smile:
  4. ^I agree
  5. I'm not a fan of the line and I think it is quite outdated.

    It sounds like the only reason why you want to buy it is because it is reasonably priced. Would you really get it if were more expensive? How much do you really like it? If you don't really like the bag then it is a waste of money I think. I've sold a lot of stuff on Ebay and my experience is that while you can definitely make money, you also pay them a handsome fee. I've also lost money on Ebay, and you just never know. I've been to a few high end consignment stores and they often take a very high percentage of what the item is sold for. I think they are great for buying but not for selling. But that is just my experience, maybe other people will have a more positive take.
  6. No I don't really love it but was thinking I perhaps could grow to love it.. but that is probably a bad idea. Thanks for your input :smile:
  7. Thanks for the advice, Ive never sold anything before so have no experience with selling but I can be a sucker for 'good deals' and yes the deal caught my eye not the bag.. I didn't and wouldn't buy the bag full price because I just don't love it enough.. so I think I'm going to let this one pass. Thank goodness for this forum and thank you again! :smile:
  8. I'm glad I could help. I used to be the queen of impulse buys so I understand the 'good deal' urge ;)
  9. To b honest i do not like orange from grafitti collection i prefer pink or neon green...
  10. +1
  11. I love the orange! So Yay!
  12. I am really sorry I missed out on this collection! I think that orange would be a great color and I would get it BUT....if you are really not wanting it then I would let it pass. I would not buy it just becuase it was a "good deal". Then it will most likely not be used and who knows if you'll get that money back in resale.
  13. If you love it, then get it. If you're buying it thinking you can flip it for a profit, I would say don't because there is no guarantee that you'll get back what you paid.

    I have a pre-loved Cerises speedy that I got a year ago. I loved the collection when it first came out but I was in high school and there was no way I could have bought it at the time. I had the same fear that it would look dated but ultimately I bought it because I like it and I think its fun, not because I cared what anyone would think. I'm happy I have it. But you sound like your heart is not really in this Graffiti speedy, so personally I would pass.
  14. As others have said, I'd buy it if you really love it and think it's going to be a great addition for your collection. If you're getting it just because its LE and reasonably priced, then wait on it and really think it through. Lastly, don't worry about it being "dated." ALL LE pieces are going to be "dated" 5 years after they've been released because THEY HAVEN'T BEEN FOR SALE SINCE THEN!!!! If anything, I think it'd be much more interesting to see somebody with a graffiti speedy than a plain mono or damier variant.

    Go for what your heart truly desires!
  15. As others have said, get it only if you really, really want it. I love my fuchsia graffiti speedy and enjoy using it - don't think it's dated at all. I really like the orange graffiti against monogram canvas - it looks best of the three graffiti colors against monogram, IMO.