Orange Gerard Darel

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I didn't know that they made an orange one... it's quite bright-colored. How do you guys feel about this one?

  2. i like it.
  3. I like it a lot! I think it would be great for the fall
  4. It's beautiful but brighter than I personally prefer. I am a subdued, neutral purse kind of person, nothing flashy. I admire how colorful many of the bags are of the people on this board. Peggy
  5. I like it! The color plays up the low- key design, I think
  6. I likey! Where did you find it!?
  7. It looks nice on the bag, but I don't really like orange anything. Still -- it does seem to suit the bag.
  8. I like it - yay from me!
  9. Wicked-

    It was on eBay a while ago. I like it too! :smile:
  10. i saw that too and i really like it! But i have never seen one IRL!
  11. YAY for orange!
  12. I love orange and I love GD, so orange + GD = YAY!
  13. I like that color- you don't see it a lot- its unique
  14. WOW, that is a great color. I love it.
  15. Love It!
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