Orange for Christmas this year!!!

  1. Words cannot describe my excitement when I unwrapped my Christmas gifts this year!!! My brave DH, who has patiently and lovingly endured my Hermes obsession this past year, went to our H store all by himself and picked out, with some help, my very first twill AND the most gorgeous silk and cashmere wrap. He is just so incredibly sweet. I asked him what made him decide to go with these and he said he knew I loved pink and so, it seemed like they would be a good fit. Well they are a perfect fit!! I have taken a few pics. I can't wait to wear these in good health this year!!! Yay!!!
  2. Here we's the Belles Du Mexique in Mastic/Rose...
    1225072.jpg 1225073.jpg
  3. And...
  4. Here are some action pics...
    1225076.jpg 1225078.jpg 1225075.jpg
  5. Congrats to your beautiful gifts...
    And your idea with the jeans looks so cute..
    Great and Merry Christmas
  6. Congrats! I love both scarfs! Look so versatile! I like the pattern on both your scarfs! I like these clean pattern than H signature horse/buckle pattern. Your DH has good taste!
  7. Beautiful!
  8. oh how lovely!

    merry christmas to you and your DH!
  9. lovely Christmas pics!
  10. Thanks Pazt, GG, beaumonde, diamondlover, and juicy. Happy holidays to you!!!
  11. Beautiful Christmas gift. :heart: Thank you for the pictures. Wear them in good health. Happy holidays. :flowers:

  12. Congrats!!! All lovely choices on you. You've got a fabulous DH...
  13. beautiful!!! what a sweet dh you have! Congratulations!!!!
  14. Beautiful scarfs,The colors look gorgeous!
  15. Oh, I love this picture, OzzysMom! The Belle du Mexique as a belt looks great on you, too! You look fabulous & your DH has equally fabulous taste! Merry Christmas!