Orange demi: what season and where to find?

  1. Hello all-
    I was at TJ Maxx about six months ago and saw an orange demi (6094). I didn't buy it, and I can't find it on eBay, either. Were only a few made? What year?

    Many thanks.
  2. Like the orange skinny in the picture below?

    I believe it was Summer 2005...

  3. tried jax?
    I think eBay is your best bet.
  4. I've never seen one, but it sounds pretty cool! Hope you find it.
  5. I think it was summer 2005 as well, I remember seeing them in a shop in NY in like May that year. :smile:
  6. not sure if any of these are what yo uare looking for, but they are cute!

    this one is same as above, just diff. auction:

    this one is really cute, i think it's more of a coral color.

    oh i just noticed this one ^^^^ has the same # as the one you are looking for. it's @ $95 right now, 5 hours left!!!
  7. Thanks for the help, everyone! It's the color of the first one lagizzle posted, though it's the classic demi shape (like the second one she posted). Maybe I will come across it again.
  8. It was out for spring of 05.
  9. the color. Hope you find it!
  10. I got mine at Nordstrom Rack last year. Good luck!