Orange County Meet

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  1. Anyone interested??? We could always make it a Southern California meet!!! :yahoo:
  2. I'm down... just let us know the date :p
  3. Ooh I wanna come!
  4. Sounds like fun! Is LV around here having any events soon?
  5. How does meeting up in like late afternoon so that we can shop and dinner afterwards?
  6. This should be fun, if only I lived in Cali!!! :girlsigh:
  7. i am so on the list..since im so wanting to revisit my love for LV...

    COUNT me in!
  8. Yes!!! Where? South Coast Plaza? When?
  9. I want to go but it will have to be on a Saturday and unfortunately I will have to take my brats........uh kids!!
  10. so when are we going??
  11. How does Feb 8th sound for everyone at SCP?
  12. OOoh, I hope a lot of people get to go! I really hope you guys have a lot of fun! :yes:

    Unfortunately, I'm going to be in Orange County on the 11th (maybe the 10th if I can find a place to stay)...hehehe ;)
  13. I'm pretty much screwed on this one, I have to be back home by 2:00 in the afternoon on the weekdays, so no afternoon shopping & dinner for me :sad:
    Weekends are good....hint hint
    except the 11th, that is my 18th wedding anniversary.

  14. It will have to be Saturday for me as well....Perhaps those who cannot make it during the weekday could meet at Rodeo on the weekend???
  15. SCP & a weekend... or a morning shopping with lunch maybe?