Orange County Ladies: is MNG open at South Coast?

  1. I have been waiting to see what this store is like after my roommate from Spain told me about it. I got the premium club monthly email that said it was open, but I went shopping at South Coast last weekend and didn't see the store!

  2. I can't figure it out... what's MNG?
  3. it is Mango
  4. On the SCP map online, it's over by where Bloomingdales will be. Their number is 714 549-1582. You could give them a call and see if they're open.
  5. Thanks for their number. I called, and they are open! Somehow I missed the store when I was there.
  6. Yup, it's open! Great stuff!!!
  7. It's definitely open!! I got a white coat and a silver/black pinstripe shirt the last time I was there. I love their styles, very good for work and the material is not bad. However... they were way more expensive than I expected ... MNG is pretty reasonably priced in Spain.
  8. k, we bay area folks are so deprieved. or maybe it's just me (because I never saw one in the bay) :crybaby:
  9. MNG is Mango... its everywhere here in Aus.. pretty cheap too....
  10. i love to shop at mango, their tees and tanks are cute! i tend to wait for their sales and just grabbed a tons of stuff coz the markdown can be quite low. i love their jeans too.