Orange County!!--Colonoscopy??

  1. Hello there lovely pferss..

    Just wanted to see if anyone knows a good place for get some colon cleansing done??? :graucho:

    lol. I never got this done and don't know the area too well any reccs would be great.

    Thank you!

  2. A colonoscopy is not a colon cleansing... those are VERY different things

    I assume you are referring to a colonic?!!! That is the cleansing procedure for your colon (colonoscopy is testing for colon cancer)

    Not sure about that area, but make sure you find someone very well trained!
  3. Colonosopy? What the hell was I thinking?


    Yes, colon cleansing I meant!!!

    hee hee...

    Bump this thread just in case anyone knows..

  4. I went to an awesome place and had an amazing experience. I went down a dress size after I did their 3 day detox :smile: