Orange & Castor paddies on sale at Sabines Boutique

  1. WOW! What a great price! Thank you! I bought the orange one:smile::yes: Couldn't resist! I think the whiskey, (that I have in a few styles of paddy :nuts: ) is close to this color, but I thought with the sale that I'd "go" for it anyway:smile:
    I will keep you posted when it arrives. I just found out that it was shipped today too!
  2. Beanie - congratulations!!!! Definitely show us pictures when it comes in!!! I LOVE the orange!!!
  3. congrats Beanie, have you received it? do you like it? I have the same bag, and believe it or not I use it now in Spring =p hope you'll love it too! :drinkup:
  4. I am digitally challenged, :sad: but I will tell you all about it when it arrives. Should be here tuesday! :yes:
  5. Got the orange medium paddy ('06) today from Sabine's!!! :heart: :heart: I am in love, again. :yahoo: The leather is squishy gorgeous and the bag came PERFECT! I had no idea that they wrap so beautifully! If I had a digital camera I would post pics, but all I can say is, if anyone is debating about getting the's really stunning. Very different and especially great for spring and summer. I have the rouge from both '05 and '06, :nuts: and this color is really lovely as well. :wlae: Thank you, compulsivepurse!!!!