Orange? Burnt Orange? Help!

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  1. Not sure if this has been asked before though i did a quick search.
    I would like to get an Orange MAC. In the "Colour Reference" section, I was only able to see pictures of "Burnt Orange".
    Is there a difference between "Orange" and "Burnt Orange" or do they both mean the same colour in the same season?

    If they are actually 2 different colours in different seasons, could someone enlighten me on their differences? Any photos would be very helpful!
  2. Don't quote me on this but the only two orange MACs I've ever heard of are

    1. Burnt Orange (blue/white striped Lining) dogleash clasp, released through a sample sale at SS prices(?) I'm thinking that 'orange" is the same as "burnt orange."

    2 Persimmon (black/white lining) Siggy hardware, no tassels - released sometime in early 2008 in boutiques, stores, online retail price
  3. Very helpful indeed! Btw, what are the SS prices like? Not in US and don't have privilege of going to one.
  4. ^^^^The last SS had MACs priced at $195.00