Orange Boxes

  1. Do you religiously keep all your orange boxes? Do you arrange them, and stack them up from big to small (especially accessories and small leather goods boxes)? Have you ever thrown away any orange boxes? I am thinking that I should because they are overcrowding my wardrobe!
  2. I can't bring myself to throw away the H-boxes for some reason. I keep all the smaller ones in a box one of my Birkins came in so they are contained. They are all kept on the top shelf in my closet.
  3. I left many a box in hotel rooms to lighten my load. I do love the boxes, though.
  4. I've kept most but sometimes do wonder why...and I know dh KNOWS those orange boxes are costing a lotta money lol!!!
  5. I certainly don't keep small accessories boxes and scarf boxes except one twilly and one plisse box because they are so cute. I only kept one handbag box because I have to lay my yeoh bag down when not in use with the tissue paper stuff so the box leather strap and top don't get stretched out. I never even took the box when I bought abroad.
  6. Yup, I keep them all. Needless to say, they take up quite a bit of room in the dressing room. Too pretty to let go.
  7. Thanks, orchids! That's an idea if I can't bear to part with them. I leave my bags in their respective boxes, so I don't have a spare box to get these organised. But I think I can use my shoe boxes?????

    I have no problems chucking out gift boxes .... but feel a sense of waste with throwing H boxes out! Is it the colour? Or is it the sturdiness of the box material? Or is it because it's screaming HERMES!!!???!!!
  8. I am a scorpio, that's all!
  9. LOL, ROSE!!!!!! So am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I have an attic full of orange boxes. I couldn't bear to throw out even one perfect orange specimen!
  11. OOOH!!! does anyone have pics of how or where they stack all those yummy orange boxes???!! pics pics pics!!
  12. PBC, when I have a showcase wardrobe like vermillion's, then I won't shy from showing pictures of where the orange boxes go. I just don't have a space big enough in my home!

    However, I can oblige with a photo of the orange boxes I have, and why I started this thread, and why I really need to do something about it. (The photo will not include the orange boxes I gave my DH ... too lazy to pull those out from his wardrobe). I'll be back .... later ....
  13. I am not a scorpio but I can't bear to throw away the boxes too. I keep not only Hermes boxes but LV and Chanel ones too. :smile:

    MrsS, we need a bigger house with a bigger walk in wardrobe. :graucho:
  14. Like Orchids, I keep my little boxes in my big birkin boxes. Haven't yet thrown any away. I am tempted with one box I got at the H boutique in Miami; purchased a cadenas and the SA did not even give me the correct box!!!
  15. ^^ Yeah, Queenie, a bigger house with a walk-in wardrobe just for me would do just fine! :graucho:

    These are my orange boxes ~ not as many as some of you have, but it's already a problem because my wardrobes are tiny! So, relatively speaking .... I'm already in BIG trouble.