OrAnGe BoXeS?

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  1. Halo, everyone! Anyone knows exactly H produces how many shapes and sizes of orange boxes for their products?

    I have 8 different sizes as of now and collecting more! :biggrin:
  2. ha ha! interesting question. Maybe you can put up a Post your Orange Box (shapes and sizes only) here? :biggrin:
  3. Thought it may b interesting to discuss thia topic on TPF.. Haha..
    Lets invite and wait for the expert to comment..
  4. On another thread someone said there are 188 different size boxes but didn't say who the source was for this info. I have boxes that are only slightly different from one another - you can hardly tell that they do in fact differ.
  5. Funny that this thread should come out now, I was just at Hermes and the SA opened a few drawers to look for something and I was shocked at all the different shaped boxes there were. That was just one area of the store, that doesn't take into account bags, small leather goods, housewares...etc. I bet 188 would be fairly accurate. Interesting question. :yes:
  6. I think that the 188 figure came from the Vanity Fair Hermes Article. Not the article itself, but the snippets on the corners of the pictures. I'm trying to find it...but it eludes me....
  7. Here you are, RGM. I scanned the article again (it's my all-time favorite piece on Hermes), but couldn't find a reference to the exact number they produce, but I bet 188 isn't far off.

    Here's one fact that you might not have known. The Hermes box was not always orange. Up until World War II, it was actually tan. But, when the war started, all paper in that color was designated for the war effort, and Hermes had to come up with a subsitute. They picked orange, and now along with Tiffany's robin's egg blue, it's the most recognized and distinctive packaging color in the world. Something tells me that they'll stick with orange!

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  8. Wow, this is a very interesting question! I've never paid much thought to the different types... I've just concentrated on trying to fit one inside the other until they take up no more than one corner of my closet!

    Maybe we could start a reference thread for the different types of boxes? ^.^
  9. Oh mine! 188 sizes? Which means to collect all the boxes in different shapes and sizes, i've got purchase at least 188 items from H... Haha.. ( which is quite possible, though ) :P

  10. Maybe a few tpfers here will sell their orange boxes to you in order to fund their additiction...just as we planned to sell inches of ribbons for the same. :graucho::graucho:

    just kidding!
  11. quick question on boxes - is it difficult to obtain a replacement box for your H good? or does it simply depend on the SA that serves you on the day?
  12. ^^^ I think it can be a bit of a hassle, and H. doesn't usually want to do this. But, if you have a great relationship with your SA, it can be done.

    Each store has to place a separate order for the boxes, and they're pretty expensive, so obviously, they're quite protective of their supply.
  13. Thanks for the info lilyhermes! :smile: I will give the store a call to enquire about it.
  14. You might be better off asking in a store when you're buying something else you like. I got one of their roll-up coin trays in BH, and apparently they were out of the box it normally goes in, so the salesperson put it in a large flat box. When I was in NYC, I found one in a prettier color (vert bouteille -- such a nice green, and proof color names just sound prettier in French. "Bottle green" just doesn't have the same cachet.). The NYC salesperson put it in a 2"x2"x12" box that I thought was perfect for packing in a suitcase, which is why I bought the roll-up coin tray in the first place. I described that I'd be using it while traveling and told them the box I'd gotten with my earlier purchase and asked if it would be possible to get another of the 2x2x12 box. It took a lot more time for her to make up her mind than I honestly thought it would, but she was nice and gave me one.

    And the variance in sizes among the small orange boxes is amazing. I have quite a few that differ from others by only a few millimeters. But I've nowhere near 188 different sized boxes so I guess I have to keep shopping!
  15. To be frank, my SA has been very nice to give me extra box on my purchase. I guess as long as you make a purchase, they wouldn't mind giving out extra box. Just as long as we don't ask for too much.

    My guide line: ask for 1 extra box on every purchase. That shall speed up the collection of orange boxes. Haha..