Orange boxes here, Orange boxes there, Orange boxes everywhere

  1. Greetings from Tokyo! As promised, I managed to get my camera out to greet all the orange boxes from my recent trip to Europe. From vintage H, Japanese H Manga to New bag from 24 Faubourg, here's my loot.

    - 35cm Chocolate Box Sellier Kelly with PH H/W and Silver Harp Cadena
    - 28cm Natural Chamonix Sellier Kelly with G H/W and Gold Harp Cadena
    - Kiss Belt with white/black/tan straps (a little MrsS influence here)
    - Choco Box/Orange Clemence reversable belt with my vintage Harp Buckle
    - Vintage Gold H buckle from 1950s/1960s
    - Light blue/grey cashmere Ex-Libris wrap (a little HC influence there)
    - LA MUSIQUE DES SPHERE Orange/Brown colourway (a little ebruo influence)
    - Sulfures Pochette in Blue colourway
    - mini frames in Blue Jean and Rose Shocking
    - Rose Shocking Passport Holder
    - Vintage Black Box Travel Wallet with Sun Cadena
    - Vert Anis Coin Purse
    - not from Europe but a Japanese Manga "Le Chemin D'Hermes"
    DSC_0218_edited.JPG choco kelly.JPG natural kelly.JPG accessories.JPG h comic book.JPG
  2. Oh, one more comparison pic with my 32cm barenia HAC.
  3. OMG talk about spree!!!! And i thought i took shopping seriously!! Good haul LTC. Not one thing i dont like here love the kellys, and i love that they are sellier (could they be another more perfect way?) all the belts are DT4 esp. the kiss!!!!! and the orange scarf is HOT!!!
  4. Congrats on all your beautiful H loot!:tup:
  5. OMG LTC! You did verrrrry well, indeed! What gorgeous pieces!

    LOVE your new Kellys! And everything else besides - what fabulous taste you have!


    Many congratulations; I hope you're well on the mend now.
  6. Amazing H loot!
  7. Now that is a shopping spree!!! Love your new Kellys! in fact, love everything you bought!
  8. :yahoo:GORGEOUS, LICENCETOCOOK!! :yahoo:
    What magnificent loot you acquired - the kellys are absolutely TDF!​
  9. WHOOOOOOOOOA mama!!! that is INSANELY FABULOUS!!!!! congrats on everything!!! wowowowowow!!!
  10. PBC, Xquisite, amkur, pursenality, Katel, bijoux lady, naughtymanolo - Thanks so much. I hate to show off like a proud mama, but I secretly enjoy all you compliments.:blush::blush:

    BTW, the Choco Box is 32cm not 35cm.
  11. Congratulations on a magnificent haul! Is the harp buckle H? How long ago was it produced?
  12. WOW! Great job!
  13. LTC you scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic choices, excellent taste, you are the queen of Hermes travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!congrats!
  14. :wtf::nuts: EVERYTHING is just PERFECT, LTC! I love your bags especially the Natural Chamonix. It's just gorgeous......and I am now officially in LUST with that "Sulphures" scarf.......but, honestly, each and every piece is really beautiful!!!!!
  15. licencetocook: how long did it take for you to put everything back into the boxes & arrange them neatly in your closet? :graucho:.