ORANGE = Bordeaux reissue?

  1. Recently I saw a bordeaux reissue 227 (6 series) in patent leather with chocolate bar quilting in my local consignment store. It's gorgeous, but for me the color is more orange rather than burgundy (Gah, I wanna attach a pic from my pc, but dunno how :confused1:).
    The previous owner said that the name "bordeaux reissue 227" is the bag's name, despite the orange-ish color.

    It makes me really confuse... What do you all think?
  2. can u see thie pic? it's more orange, right? or is this really what chanel called bordeaux?

    what do u think?
  3. It looks orange to me too.
  4. Hmmmmm. From your pic, it does look orange.
    I'm thinking the colour faded? :thinking:
  5. ~ditto~

  6. I have a bordeaux bag by Chanel, and it almost looks brown. So not the same color, but cute bag.
  7. It looks Orange to me (is not bordeaux at all) and is not "the traditional reissue" the quilting of this bag is called chocolate bar.
  8. Orange to me too, it looks beautiful.
  9. Rust orange?
  10. Thanks, everybody!! :yahoo:Glad to know I am not color-blinded.

    Do u think the color will pop enough against my neutral wardrobe? <++ since I cant find the red one
  11. looks like rust orange or dull orange to me.
  12. think can pop:tup: but a red will pop better:yes: