Orange Blossom Scent

  1. Hi Ladies!

    Are there any perfumes or body sprays that give off the orange blossom scent or hints of it? I've searched for it online but I would like to be able to try it in stores before I buy it. Thanks!!
  2. Try Jo Malone Orange Blossom, it is now my second favorite scent--my first is her Lime Blossom. If you have a large upscale dept. store, they probably carry her line. You can ask for samples of her stuff. If not maybe try eBay for it???
    I think you would love it. I also use the body lotion. What I love it that it is a soft scent and not a "I am wearing strong perfume in your face" scent, you know how you pass people and they reak of strong perfume enough to get you sick. My husband is very sensitive to perfumes, ect....and this is one line that he compliments me on when I wear it. I have had him say with other perfumes "what is that horrible smell".
  3. Gap had an orange blossom scented oil they came out with a couple of years ago. It's really light but a gorgeous scent. I'm not sure that they make it anymore, but you can always try eBay. Also, I use orange blossom water as a body splash / toner. It smells quite nice, and costs only like $1.99 in the ethnic section of my supermarket. :tup:
  4. Thank you ladies!! I'll try out both options!
  5. I agree! Jo Malone Orange Blossom is fantastic! They have it at Neimans...
  6. Jo Malone!!
  7. I love Jo Malone. I recently got the Pomegranate Noir just lovely.
  8. another vote for Jo Malone!
  9. If you were looking for a little cheaper option there is a Victoria Secret Orange Blossom/Vanilla scent in the garden line right now.
  10. It's my favorite scent from Jo Malone!!!!! :biggrin:
  11. I would strongly suggest Lush. Theyve got heaps of good body products.

    I bought my mum a pot of 'Karma Kream'. Its a body cream that smells like sweet orange blossom... oohh its so nice.. i sometimes nick some when shes not looking!! lol
    it cost me about $25 or $30.

    Im sure they have their own site... heres the link!
  12. I went and smelled Jo Malone yesterday..the scent is TDF! I will check out Lush also. Thank you!
  13. I don't know if I am interpreting your meaning of orange blossom correctly, but if that means like a citrusy type of scent, I would recommend clinique happy, it's one of my favorites!
  14. My fave is Armani Code
  15. The Gap one, available on Ebay, is better than Jo Malone imho. Makeupalley folks also like one by Coty.