Orange Birkin

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  1. OMG ladies! YOu are going to tell me I was a fool for letting this one go, but I was just not feeling the Birkinbaby love for the orange potiron birkin I held in my very hands today at Hermes on Madison. While I was there lots of other ladies were swarming about like sharks, just wishing I'd drop the Birkin so they can buy it. But orange is not for me. I wear lots of pinks and reds, hoping for a black 35. But the hunt for a birkin is half the fun! By the way it was an epsom 35 in orange. Some other lady looked at it after I let it go so I doubt it is still there, but call just in case. You should see the look on the ladies' faces while I was holding the orange birkin though!
  2. Are you talking about the color in this pic?
    I :love: this color!!! How much was it, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. drool!!!!
  4. yes like that. It is the same color as the shopping bag and box. It screams look at me, I'm wearing hermes. I like something more low key, especially since I don't want DH to see me with another bag. Sad, but he objects to my shoppaholic habits. it was $7,200 usd.
  5. I just got this bag myself (from e-bay)! I actually love it - and think the color is toned down just enough to not be so "in your face orange" if that makes sense. I do know what you mean though about DH seeing another new bag - this one will be harder to hide! Sounds like it was a fun experience just the same:amuse:
  6. Oooh! Birkinbaby the bag must have been GORGEOUS!
  7. If you didnt absolutely love it, glad you held out :biggrin: Maybe it was one of the other ladies' dream birkin!
  8. OMG I would have been one of the swimming sharks if I could afford a Birkin right now. Orange is the color I want.
  9. I can just see the women in that store talking to themselves, but trying to appear cool and ladylike. It must be a madhouse there and I am so sure the SA's have so many stories to tell.

    While I am posting...can someone answer this for me...Chevre vs. Epsom? Are they both scratch resistant? What is the difference? Hope I don't make someone repeat.

    Also, what is the lightest for a Birkin? (I remember reading this, but I can't find and I am going to go looking again now)

    ****Someone with knowlege on this...can you post the leathers on how heavy (in weight to carry) they are in the sticky with the Hermes Information for reference? If I knew I would, but don't. Thank you!****
  10. OMG!! I so wish I could beam myself to NYC right now and snatch that Birkin!!
    Epsom is a pressed leather with a slight sheen. Not scratch resistant - at least less than Togo and the like. It's like the old Courcheval.
    Chevre is much more durable.
    Epsom is classy. It makes the H colors a little softer and more pastel.
    Chevre is the lightest by far.
  11. Epsom is thinner but more stiff
    Togo is thicker but softer and very scratch resitstant
    Chevre is thinner and also more stiff but more scratch resistant
    Clemence is the softest
    In terms of weight, I don't think these leather are THAT much different to me though, although many gals here probably disagree. They all are heavy bags compared to other brands, but Chevre is the lightest, and Epsom is the next, Togo and clemence are heavier
  12. I agree with you about where Epsom falls on the weight scale, but what about box and chamonix?
  13. greentea, u got me on this one. I am yet to see one chamonix. So have no idea. But for box, i would say similar to togo, a bit on the heavy side.
  14. I'm still not regretting the decision not to get it so I must have made the right choice. I go to Hermes almost everyday on my lunch hour. The entire trip takes an hour door to door, so it's feasible for me. It's very entertaining, and around Madison Avenue, you get to see lots of Birkins. There is one SA there who knows me because I've been talking to him about my desire for a black birkin and when he saw me today, he said, "It's just an orange today." Now my hunt for the Birkin is entertainment and exercise.
  15. The lightest for a Birkin are chevre and box.

    In general the thicker the leather, the heavier. Fjord is one the heaviest.