ORANGE birkin

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  1. Hi girls,

    I've been considering Orange or Potiron for my first Birkin. I have not been offered any of this colors at my H store, but once I save enough to buy it I might ask them to find it for me.

    I have to think that I might have the chance to get only ONE Hermes bag... Maybe it would be wiser to go for something neutral such as black or gold, but I feel that these colors you can easily find them in every brand, and I already have a few bags in this colors. Why not choose something unique and also, the distinctive H color?

    But I am wondering if I won't regret going for such a bright color and if I won't be able to use it as much as I would like.
    My wardrobe is full of colors, so I bought an orange belt just to try the pop of color, and test if I am able to combine it with most of my outfits.

    Owners of orange bags... How much do you use your orange Birkin or Kelly compared with other neutral colors?
  2. Hello, artemisa, I do not own a potiron piece but am told that it is a great neutral and goes with so many things.

    It's actually not's more of a colorful neutral, if that makes sense????

    I just saw one on eBay in a 30 size in's absolutely stunning and being sold by a reputable seller. The link is posted on page 121 of the eBay/website Hermes finds.....under Hermes Shopping.
  3. I just got an orange Kelly for Christmas and I am very interested in this question as well. I already have a few neutral Kellys, so my orange is meant to add a shot of color, but still I would not have gotten it if I had thought it would not be versatile. I am hoping to use it a lot in the spring and summer, especially with white clothing. I also see it as a year round color.
  4. I have an orange Birkin on order which should arrive sometime this year. I think orange is a versatile color and will go so well with different shades of:

    - brown
    - blue
    - green
    - yellow
    - red
    - white
    - beige
    - grey
    - printed fabrics with the shades above

    Probably the only color I would not combine orange with is black (looks like Halloween, unless the black is mixed with jeans) and pink (too teeny-boppy for me, unless is minimal pink in a printed fabric of the colors mentioned above)!
  5. I have an orange birkin and I use everyday (except bad weather). Hermes orange is like a miracle color. It goes with almost everything. I knew that Hermes was known for their beautiful leather and beautiful color so I def wanted color and their signature color orange was on the top of my list. I also knew i could get any other brand bag in neutral. (i opted for a black caviar chanel) That way I have the best of everyworld.
    I am in NY now and with the cold weather I am using my orange birkin with my black coat and it really gives it a punch of color without looking like halloween . . . which is what I was afraid of at first
  6. If you're only getting one, I'd defintely get a color Birkin... H and Balenciaga are the only brands that do color well. For my first Birkin, I wanted a color that didn't look like my other bags, and something that would pop, yet go with my wardrobe. Red is that color for me.

    I think H orange or potiron are classic H colors - potiron is really easy to wear b/c it's not as bright as a true orange. It's like Rouge H - a neutral color.
  7. I am an "orange freak" and have been since I was a very little girl. It has always been the color that I am known for when others think of me. I must tell you much as I love orange and potiron I am not sure that I would tell you to buy this as your one and only bag. I would think carefully on that one.

    The younger you are the more you may feel orange might be ok, but I wonder as you age (since you have not been an orange freak like me) will you still love that bag and want to carry it? You really need to ask your self that.

    Believe it or not, I still don't own an orange or potiron bag yet. I do want to own one, but I feel there are other choices that might be better even to a true orange lover.

    I just lots of thinking and soul searching before your purchase. Really you can't let others influence you...try and make the choice for yourself. I know...that can be tough at times.
  8. I have a potiron Bolide and it goes with just about everything! If you are only going to have one Birkin I think potiron is a wonderful choice!
  9. I have an Orange Birkin and I love LOVE the colour! :love: But frankly, I feel it is not the easiest colour to carry all the time. I find it harder to go with clothes.

    I agree with the rest that Orange and Potiron are signature H-colours that are very distinctive, but I personally find that it more difficult to wear than other colours like 'Red' or 'Blue' which you can just throw on with any outfit or even just jeans.

    I'd suggest going for Potiron if you'd like something more neutral, I have tried on the colour on a Birkin and the shade is easier to match than Orange. That being said, my Orange Bag has garnered lots of attention even from people who have no idea what an Hermes Birkin is! :rolleyes:

    I do think getting a 'colour' bag is a great idea for your first H-Bag! Like you said, u can get the basics anywhere else. Perhaps you can take a look at your existing wardrobe and work with that? If you wear a lot of jeans, consider Blue Jean or Brighton Blue because those would naturally work well with denims or if you wear a lot of Blacks, Whites and Greys....Red for example, will add the much needed shot of colour without being hard too work with.....:p
  10. Hi! I am struggling with the same thing--about what color to pick and I am leaning toward the 2 signature colors of H--so what I have been doing is keeping a clothes diary--I know crazy--so every morning I have been getting up as usual and picking out my clothing and then after awhile marking down which color H bag would look best of what outfit I am wearing and hopefully over time--I will get a natural process of elimination. Hope this helps:smile: Good Luck...
  11. I have Potiron and would buy it again and again. Just looking at it makes me happy and it really does go with about 95% of my wardrobe. The only color I don't wear it with is purple (and I don't care for purple, so it's all good!)
    It's genius with any green, khaki, navy, black/white and jeans, any brown or tan. It works with dark tweed pants and a black cashmere sweater in the winter and a simple white sundress in the summer.
    I'm not one that subscribes to the notion that once you get older, you'll want to stop carrying colorful bags. My mom is pushing 70 (but looks amazing and dresses VERY young) and Potiron is her first choice for a Birkin.
  12. both orange and potiron are on my list of birkins to i say YES!!! i have a friend who has an orange birkin and have seen several ladies with potiron birkins and i must say, it makes any outfit look RAVISHING!!! YUMMMMMY!!!!!
  13. I am getting an orange Birkin in the next few months and I truly think it goes well with almost every color :love:
  14. I too have a Potiron and I LOVE the color. It's very versatile and neutral.. at the same time, it definitely catches your eye.
    Go For It!!
  15. I have a potiron eveylne and love it -- I'm on the list for an orange birkin, think they are the best.