Orange Birkin Anyone?

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  1. Ladies,

    I have a 35 epsom orange birkin with GH on hold for me till monday. But now I'm second guessing myself if I should get it. I was wondering if it'll be that difficult to coordinate orange with clothes. I want orange so much... and I have waited pretty long...

    So HOW???
  2. Well, I have Potiron and it goes with so much! Here's what I wear mine with:

    Jeans, white, black, navy, sky or turquoise blue any brown or tan, apple green, dark green, some pale pinks, gray, some yellow (I don't wear too many yellow pieces, though)

    The only colors I don't wear it with are dark pinks or anything in the purple family. Since I like warm tones, I don't wear these colors much anyway.

    If I wear it with black, I'm sure to have white one too or jeans. Such as jeans with a white tank layered under a black cardigan or fitten blouse.
  3. If you have wanted orange and have waited this long for it- then go for it! It is the quintiscential Hermes color and looks so beautiful with so many colors! I agree there will be some colors that you would probably reach for a different color bag, but so what! Think of how gorgeous it will look with all of your other clothes! I can just see it with a crisp white poplin shirt and jeans! STUNNING! Or black, browns, greys, navy, white, etc! What a gorgeous bag!

    BUT, is there any way you can have them email you pics so you can just be sure that you absolutely love the bag??? Or have you seen it in person??? Just make sure that it makes your heart skip a beat, and go for it! It will be gorgeous!
  4. I totally agree with jag! You've waited this long, why back off now? That color is a Hermes staple color and just oh sooo gorgeous!!! GET IT!
  5. Wellow, I can understand your worries. It's not easy to visualise when you're getting a coloured bag like this. I had the same 'problem' as you when I bought my Vert Anis. But I'm glad I didn't pass it on.

    The first time I saw a very chic mom with orange birkin, she was wearing a black knit top with black J brand skinnies. Her bag really stand out at that moment!

    Accessorize*me just bought the exact same birkin not too long ago and you can look at this thread on how she wore it.

    I hope you can go down and take a look. Who knows? It maybe love at first sight.
  6. Oh, I love Hermès orange. The bag sounds wonderful and is one of my dream bags (gold being the other). I don't guess they allow returns ? Just thinking if you could take it home and look at it for a day and see how it goes with your wardrobe?
  7. I had one and actually sold it as I wanted another color more...but I still do miss it! I think I would get a different style bag in orange next time myself...
  8. Wellow, please go get it ! Orange is sooo "HERMES" and LOVELY !!:love: :heart::heart: I was like you with doubts when I got my orange togo birkin 35, and with help with sweet Avandome (who also owns an orange birkin), it is actually easier to dress with orange birkin than I thought.

    Here are her GREAT advice " I tend to wear it with: browns, grays, beige, some shade of navy...(medium shades), I have little black, and in the summer with whites, yellows, peach, and pale orange. Consider adding a cashmere sweater in one of the above mentioned colors. The only colors I would hesitate with ...adding it to red, fuschia, or bright greens.

    and I would wear the above mentioned colored top or jacket with a simple pair of designer jeans. HTH :P
  9. Okay I have always been scared of orange in a bag. It is so very bold. But my hubby LOVES IT! He says that it is a primary neutral and compliments almost every shade imaginable. I don't own an orange bag (YET!) but I've held one in the store several times wearing a multitude of different colored outfits and have to say that it looked all stunning. Only I wouldn't wear it with all black in October for fear of looking too Halloweenie (sp?).
  10. Gazoo, my DH has the same thought as you DH, too :P:P He actually likes the orange color, he also thinks it's a great neutral and a classic Hermes color ( I'm glad he noticed :P) and such a happy and fun color.

    Wellow, here's my outfit the other day, I've pair the orange birkin with a cute Cream Nanette Lepore's short jacket, a Brown fitted V neck cashmere sweater with white tank underneath, a pair of Joe's jeans (Dark wash), and Leopard flats, I got lots of compliments on the jacket and the birkin :graucho:
  11. LoveThatThing: I about dropped the orange bag at the store when my hubby started raving about it. That and Rouge VIF are his favorite colors but the orange is his favorite. That is so funny that your hubby has the same opinion!
  12. Wellow, I have the exact combi and I LOVE IT!!! :love: :yahoo:

    I swear I wanted to only 'look' at the Birkin but my hubby was such a HARD-SELL when he saw it, it was as if HE was the one earning a commission for it!! :P

    Now, every time I carry it, he'll still tell me it is gorgeous! :tender:

    Surprisingly, it wasn't as difficult to match as when I first thought too....other than the wonderful shades suggested by everyone, I carry mine most often this fall with Browns, Creams and my fave...shades of Army Green!!!

    If you are a jeans lover, I also love how the Orange brings out the Orange Threading commonly used on the Sides and Back pocket of Jeans! :yes: All I need is a neutral Top and Shoes (even good 'ole black and white) and I'm ready to go!
  13. Wellow, go for it! An orange Birkin is the bag of the top of my wishlist, so it for me!
    Anyway, I think you can match orange with many colours and it's perfect for every season. Plus, it's your dream coming true, ou would regret not buying it. Keep us updated.
  14. If you've been waiting for it I say don't pass it up. Someone will grab that baby in a heartbeat. It's a fabulous color and like these ladies have said, it goes with more than you'd think. Let us know what you decide to do.
  15. I've seen lots of women with orange Birkins (or ACID colours) and they look fabulous with almost anything.