Orange Birkin 35

  1. I really want to get my hands on a Birkin 35 orange with silver pallaidium can I obtain a brand new one from Las Vegas they said it was a years waiting list...and I want it now...but only through Hermes...what would be the best way to get one???
  2. possibilities:

    -sitting prettily on the shelf.

    -u noe of someone who's going to get her orange birkin. convince her orange don't look gd on her at all. in the end, she agree wif your judgement.

    -Paris mothership, IF they ever have orange birkin 4 sale.

    -other H stores in other countries. i can help u if there's a orange birkin available in Hermes HK 4 sale. u can ask tpf members here from different countries to chip in 2 help u.

  3. more info: u can ask the store if they can ship 2 your country. pinkish_love had her blue roi croc jpg shipped from KL M'sia H store to Dubai.:yes:
  4. dior24, just curious, do u know if birkin is ever available in Hong Kong? i have never seen one in store ..
  5. I saw the most beautiful orange Kelly (sorry not a birkin) sitting in the window of our local Hermes. Sigh...such a beautiful sight...
  6. Yes, birkin is available in HK, billbill.:yes: To get a birkin in HK, u waitlist 4 one OR by luck, a birkin is displayed on the shelf (rare + it's turned down by someone & no regular customers want it so they display 2 the public hoping someone will buy) OR u buy from a reseller at Milan Station where tons of birkins r displayed.;)

    psst, there's always a birkin in the storeroom but that's someone's who haven't come to collect hers. u may ask politely if u can take a sneak peek & drool:drool: & maybe ask if the SA may call the buyer if she really wants. 99%, the ans is Yes, she wants it. there's still 1% of chance where the ans is No, i don't want it.

    accessorize*me is a lucky woman who get her orange birkin from the storerm without any waitlist. her qn to the SA is, "Do u have anything in BJ or anything?" The SA tell her stories about waiting list closed blah, blah, blah, then she went to the storerm & took out an orange birkin.:love:

  7. If you cant wait....Buy it at RESELLERS!!!!

    You can't or will not have it RIGHT NOW at Hermes stores...unless you camped out in the store 24hours/ 365days!!
  8. Quite & Not true, Hermes Only.

    misschaslyn, do u want 2 go 2 Paris? Not everyone here who own a birkin r actually on the waitlist.:yes: Touching stories of members here who get the opportunity 2 buy one in Paris. Some buy more than 1, up to 4 birkins at Paris mothership.:yes: However, they went 2 the store everyday, get close to the SA and finally, get 2 purchase a birkin.

    The idea of the only way to get a birkin right now is buying from resellers is UNTRUE. U can still get from H stores and u do not need to wait up to 24hrs/365days.;)

    Btw, orange birkin is not that rare. Go 2 the inventory thread, the link i've posted where u can find out which Hermes store in which country has an orange birkin 4 sale.:yes: Btw, London store is expanding soon so Maybe if u can get an invitation to the store opening, Maybe the H London has an orange birkin for sale.

    ++Does not mean u want a birkin now, u're not a true lover of Hermes. Yes, Hermes is about waiting up 2 years but there's been a lot of conflicting news of Hermes such as ppl manage 2 get onto the waitlist despite the infamous Close Waiting List.:rolleyes:

  9. OK Dior is RIGHT. If you are in PARIS...then there are Birkins Galore..not always though...but it's available.

    Im talking about the US Hermes locations, not worldwide!

    If you are in the is harder but you must be patient. Birkins are hard to come by in stores like OC, LA, SF, LV...etc..etc.

    If you see one..the Birkin fairygodmother must be on your side..specially if its the color you want.

    That's All...good luck sweetie.
  10. dior, thanks for your information. maybe i should spend more time visiting the shop to see if i can get a glimpse of the birkin.
    indeed, i'm always curious on why there're so many birkins in milan station. how much is the mark-up there as you guess? sure i'd love to get in the H store.. :yes: