Orange bags?

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  1. I think I'd like an orange bag for spring. But, I've already used up a lot of my handbag budget. :angel: So, can anyone recommend an orange bag that is on the less expensive side? I don't mean Flaming Neon Traffic Cone Orange, but something a little more on the mellon-ish side of the color spectrum. My ideal one would be a RM MAM in Tangerine, but it's too pricey.
  2. Tano has a nice selection of orange bags that won't break the bank. Also, Hayden Harnett's yam color is a nice neutral....
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
    I just ordered this from Shopbop and with the additional 30% off, it was only $488.25. Hope I love it !

    My other orange bag is a Posse NYC, a very lightweight but large satchel. It's actually more of a salmon color. I think I paid less than $300 for it on sale.

  4. I have seen several interesting orange bags at TJMaxx. One was a dark tangerine Liz Claiborne hobo in nice leather that did not have any LC logos on the outside, and I think it was $69. They had a bunch of orange bags by those assorted Italian designers that were around $125 each.
  5. bagachondriac, is that a Gerard Darel? It's gorgeous :heart:!
  6. Aw, I was going to suggest the RM MAM. Check out Cole Haan. They have a lot of orange this season.
  7. Bulga has a nice coral color out for spring. Check out Bluefly.
  8. Don't know what styles you prefer, but Floto Imports (I think it's has nice Italian leather luggage, duffels and some structured handbags, some of which come in orange. I have a nice satchel in orange with handles and a removable shoulder strap I really like. The quality is nice. I get compliments every time I wear it But it is not the soft squishy leather some of the ladies prefer.

    I recall most prices for the handbags to be under or around $300.00
  9. OOO! I was looking for that on Shopbop. Glad to know that a fellow tpfer got it.
  10. bagachondriac, who made that first bag you posted?! It's *gorgeous*! :drool:

    I've looked at the Hayden Harnett Lorca in Yam, but I can't tell if it's orange enough, or if it's more of a saddle or luggage color. If it was a true orange, I'd snap it up ASAP!
  11. bagachondriac, your first orange bag is gorgeous!
  12. I believe it's Michael Kors...
  13. Banana Republic has some really pretty orange bags & clutches this season, i would check there:smile: