Orange Bag Owners, Are you getting a lot of "Autumn/Halloween" Comments?

  1. Ever since the start of October I have been asked by strangers where have I found such a perfect Autumn orange bag and did I do it on purpose! Even the butcher today admired the color and said what a great Halloween bag it was. I find this to be all so cute and fun....anyone else with orange getting the same feedback?
  2. LOL - we don't have Halloween here, but I think that is SO funny (cute funny) that they think you bought it especially!!!!!

    You need one of those jack o'lantern charms!!
  3. i don't have one in orange for this reason, it does look like halloween to me - but that does not mean i think they're bad :smile:
  4. That's fun! What a perfect bag for the season!
  5. Heheh, yeah, Halloween is not a huge phenomenon here and most ppl won't even know it's the month for it right now. I have a potiron bag and actually like pairing that with black outfits, usually with an orange scarf too. Looks good - I reckon anyway, lol. Don't feel the least bit strange. But then again, as I said, Halloween is not big here so the general mentality is different wrt orange/black combo outfits and accessories.
  6. While I absolutely ADORE Orange Birkins, one of the main reasons I no longer own one is that I often dress in black, black and white, or um, well--a lot of black. I got sick of this jackass in my old building calling me The Great Pumpkin when I carried my orange bag.

    Normally I am not one to succumb at all to peer pressure, believe me, but it cheesed me off so much that it made me paranoid to carry an orange bag when I was wearing any black at all. Since I rarely wear any outfit that has no black, the bag had to go. If I wore more camels and tans or really ANY other colors it would have been fine, I think.

    So, if nothing else, you can tell your "critics" that they're not at all original, because my jackass neighbor was saying that crap like 6 years ago. LOLOL!!!

    BTW a couple of years later I did buy an orange Tods bag, and to this day I will only wear it with "earth tones". The only comments I have gotten on that bag have been complimentary of its unusual color, or people saying that it was perfect for fall. So, at least for me, it was the black & orange combo that bothered ME (and my jackass ex-neighbor, LOL).
  7. well i think thats cute...and i hope it doesn't bother you because your H orange Birkin is flawless :heart:
  8. I've never had an orange bag before I got this Birkin so it's all been an interesting learning experience! I do love that it is the traditional Hermes color and do wear it proudly no matter what colors I'm wearing.
  9. Yeah, i read a few posts here about people avoiding the orange/black combo because it looks Halloween. If i wear orange i usually pair it up with chocolates or browns, but i sometimes go for black. It doesn't remind me much of Halloween since the tradition was stopped in my area when 2 girls were abducted on a trick or treat route. its been quite ever since, the max doorstops we get are 2 on a Halloween night.
  10. I think it's one month in a year that people are more in tune with Orange and look out for Orange because of Halloween. I don't own any Orange bags (anymore) but if I still have one, I just might keep it out of sight in Oct. :p
  11. halloween is not big (actually it is nonexistent lol) where i am living but ask you one thing "why is it that halloween is black and orange?" - because it looks good :lol:
  12. I love seasonal scarves.
    If I had an orange H bag, I would love carrying it around Halloween.
  13. I actually thought what a great color for Fall/Halloween orange is...
    I find those comments very cute and amusing!
  14. Here's a question to all you US folk, you take your celebrations very seriously. Is the same color issue applicable in other celebrations? i.e. Red Green or White bags at Christmas? Green bags on st. pats? Red White or Blue bags on the 4th of July?
  15. I have a forest green Kelly. Around Xmas I sometimes tie a red H pouchette on it.
    I am a fool for Nèige d'Antan. Even wear the cotton Nèige in the summer.
    For Thanksgiving, I have several Texas Flora and Fauna, although only I know the turkey is there, the way I fold them.