Orange anyone?

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  1. Does anyone admit to using an orange handbag? I have one that is a hobo international from Nordstrom's and while I like it I am sometimes feel like I am a shining beacon when I wear it. Does anyone else have a nice bright orange purse if so what brand?
  2. No bright orange here, but I love the more subdued shades of orange. Love the new RM in tangerine, the Olivia Harris in rust and the sherry Linea Pelles.
  3. I can't admit to owning a orange bag, but the Tano's in apricot are to die for.
  4. i think orange is a wonderful neutral, warm and seasonless color. Not electric oranges, but more earthy burnt oranges.
  5. I have one, it's pretty bright (attached below). I actually tried to sell it recently, but when it came time to pack it up for the consignment store, I couldn't let go, so it stayed.
  6. I am DYING for a nice orange bag! The RM Morning After in Tangerine is the latest sensation in the subforum!
  7. If it was an *H* bag I sure would. As for another i guess it would depend on the shade of orange....Are you able to post pic's of your bag ?

  8. I keep trying to learn how to post pictures but I haven't gotten it yet. It's on the Nordstroms website under metallics. It's the new Hobo International in orange. Sorry I wish I were more computer savy.
  9. Yep, I have an orange bag; it's the suede LV onatah pochette. It's more of a rusty/subdued orange though. I always get tons of compliments when I wear it and it's surprisingly a lot more neutral than one would think.
  10. i have an ananas isabel in mango

  11. I gave my mom a burnt orange Cole Haan last's surprisingly versatile and she adores it!
  12. Dooney and Burke has a nice one in leather that I want to get.
  13. I love orange bags! I only have a Miu Miu one but it fits into my wardrobe nicely because I wear a lot of browns and grays. I've been thinking about getting an orange Hermes one in the future, but will probably lean towards some other color that's more subdued. :smile:
  14. Here's my slice of orange. I love orange. Its a very neutral color.