Orange *and* orange?

  1. Since many ladies here are also Balenciaga girls, I'd like someone to talk some sense into me.

    I just got a medium Paddy in orange, 2 weeks after I got a small front pocket satchel in Whiskey. Now I have an itch for the Balenciaga twiggy in Rouille (burnt orange). Would I be crazy to get the Rouille, especially since the twiggy style is elongated, like the Paddy?

    I also own a red Luella Gisele, a grenat Bbag City and have a red Bbag First on the way. Would the Rouille twiggy be too much of the same thing?

    I have an incurable Chloe and BBag fever :crybaby:

  2. Hmmmm...I have a whiskey paddington and decided not to get the rouille bbag because of it. I do think that my next bbag purchase will be red though.

    This is what you have to consider. With so many similar colors in your handbag selection will you be able to rotate them enough to use every one of them? What may happen during your buying spree is that you purchase a bunch of bags and then you find yourself really only carrying ONE bag. The next thing you know you have 4-5 bags sitting in a closet going to waste. Unless, of course, your wardrobe is limited to certain colors and you tend to only carry purses of a particular color.

    I try not to buy bags that are too similar in color. This way I have a "brown" bag, a "pop-color" bag, a "red" bag, "black" bag, etc. If it were up to me I would try to figure out which bag I would like more and go with it. This allows me to love that one particular bag in that one particular color even more. Part of owning handbags for me is the love :love: I feel for a handbag. Sometimes when I buy too many they all kinda blend in together.

    But, at the end of the day, if you have the financial ability to buy a ton of purses and you love every one of them then buy them! No matter what color they are!
  3. Thanks LG. You're just confirming what I really know to be the truth.

    Btw, I really like your new avatar. Very hot!
  4. Thank you hun! :shame: You know, I was considering the rouille bbag as well because it looked more red to me than orange? But I haven't seen it in real life so I decided to wait. I really want a red Bbag first....what color red did you decide on? The rouge '05 is HOT! I was considering grenat too, but I think it is a darker red than I am looking for....(sigh) decisions, decisions.

    Btw, I totally understand your newfound obsession with Chloe and Balenciaga! Those are my two main loves right now too. All other brands pale in comparison right now....:lol:
  5. I saw the rouille irl and it is actually a sort of in-between the Paddy whiskey and orange. I bought a BBag first in rouge 05 off eBay, but have yet to receive it. I like the 05 rouge much better than the 06 one. But I don't think you would have liked the BBag I got because it is all veiny and crackly. I happen to think veiny and crackly has character. My Paddys are smooth and smooshy, so I like veiny and crackly on my BBags. Btw, did you see the BBag City in 05 rouge on eBay a few days ago? I think you would have loved it.
  6. I think I know which Ebay auction you won! If it was the one I was thinking of (Best offer $999) than it is the one I'm thinking of. The color was TDF!!! Actually, I don't want my bbags to be too smooth and without veins (like some of the older models). I like for it to have some veins and smooshines....just not too much. :P My black first is actually somewhat veiny...

    You know, I can't get myself interested in the City size. I very much like the feminine looks of the Classique size. When I am in Paris I'll check out the bbags there and see if I can find a red bbag first...
  7. Yes, that's the auction I won. I didn't actually think I would win it because my offer was so close to the retail price and some of the prices for older BBags are just crazy. Anyway, I share your sentiments about the City; it is too rectangular. But I have a couple which are good for carrying documents around. Can't do that with my Paddys or the First!
  8. That is the most perfect advice I've heard on tPF. Sometimes it's easy to just get drawn into "wanting" without thinking about which you will actually use or not. I did the same thing with brown bags. Chocolate will be my last (even though It's shade doesn't match any bag I have, it's my darkest and most rich.) I'm looking forward to getting a white bag next. This way all my bags get love and I have something different for every occasion!
  9. i love the rouille balenciaga! it's true you already have a whiskey paddy but i just feel like nothing can compare to the kind of color the rouille balenciaga is. i think it's actually the next bag i wanna save up for. unless a new color comes out of course. lol.
  10. Awww, thanks Audrey. That was really sweet. :shame: Guess what color bag I will look for next after a red one? White! :lol: If you and I end up getting the same white bag than we should definitely dub ourselves purse twins princesses. :queen:

    BTW, I tried to use the photo of your chocolate paddy in the "Authentification Tips" thread (under smooshy leather) but the file was too large. :s It really is the best leather I've seen on a paddy yet!
  11. Lmao! That would be so cute! :heart: Have you decided on the grenat bbag?

    I sent you some pics of the bag which are smaller (just incase you need them later on.) If you need close ups of any specific part of the bag let me know!