Oran sandals

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  1. Hi :smile:

    I'm thinking about getting a pair of Oran sandals.

    I would love to hear your input/thoughts/review about it. Thanks for your time.
  2. very comfy, classic look - Def not the most sexiest shoes out there. Hubby can't stand them ... :smile:
    Look better with shorts, dresses, skirts .. but not so much with skinny pants, or Jeans. which color were you thinking of?
  3. Thanks DeCrillon. I agree they're not the most sexiest shoes but I need something flat to run around town with and I thought maybe the Oran sandals will do. I haven't decided on the color yet but maybe gold (for now).
  4. Think they are really comfy, and the coral nappa is great with Bougainvillier....
  5. IMO they are just *OK*--they do not have much support, so while they are fine for going out and about casually, I would not want to be in them all day doing any serious walking.
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  6. ITA!

    I have leather, lizard, and croc Oran sandals. They are okay for running errands and such, but walking all day in them has been very uncomfortable for me. I also get blisters from several of my pairs - especially the croc - because they are so stiff. I went shopping in the croc pair and had to buy new shoes just to walk in because I was extremely miserable.
  7. ^ all helpful advice IMHO
    although i would beg to differ on 1 thing... in my eyes, a pair of 'gold' on tan long legs, creates images of lounging or vacationing somewhere hot,,, ahh yes that's sexy ;)
  8. I have 2 pairs, red and black and I love them. Soooo comfortable. I have wide feet and they fit fine. They do stretch though but again love them and so well worth it. Get them now before prices go up. I kept putting off buying them thinking they were too expensive 3 years ago, and they've gone up so much since then. So this year I took the plunge and bought both pairs. They're great. Want to buy more in the spring.
  9. Thank you everyone for thoughts. Would love some pictures if you have those.
  10. I have two pairs - leopard and gold and I absolutely love them. They are so comfy! :tup:
  11. I have orange, brown, black and gold...love them. To me they are very chic.
  12. ITA.

    I have major regrets that I didn't get that dark metalic color from a few seasons back.
  13. I love them but they don't fit my narrow feet. My foot slides forward and my toes hang over the edge.
  14. #15 Dec 26, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2010
    Ohhhh!! They are my all time favorite sandals for weekend n run out of the house days :smile: I simply LOVE them!!! I have 7 of them:smile: in
    - white
    - lime Green
    - red
    - orange

    - python
    - purple Lizard and
    - Black shiny Croc.
    And I want more!!

    I try to go take a picture of them later :smile: