Oran sandals...?

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  1. Simply looking for information on these sandals from those who already have a pair .Do they keep their shape or stretch a lot ,and are they comfortable to wear and easy to walk in ? ,ie. any problems with slipping out of the back etc. what about durability too,are the soles leather or do they have a more substantial sole? Any input or answers gratefully received,Thanks !!:biggrin:
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    Do a search, there are at least two threads on the Orans. Edit: I'll search since they're quite old
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    Hi mou mou,

    I've had a couple of pairs, both in box, and one pair stretched a bit more than the other for some reason, but I wouldn't say that they stretch a great deal. They're cut fairly wide, which for me wasn't ideal, but I found that the "H" structure prevented back slippage.

    The soles are leather, and yes, they're quite thin (and can be slippery too until you scuff them up a bit.) When I got the second pair, I had my shoe person add a Vibram sole to them, which prolongs the wear and makes them more comfortable too.

    They are comfortable, but I did get a blister on one toe until they were broken in (maybe because they were a bit too wide?). They're great for casual wear, but I wouldn't suggest walking long distances in them over hard paved streets, etc. due to the relatively thin soles and the fact that they offer little to no support for the feet.

    I've found that I now prefer the Oasis to the Oran, as it has about a 1-1/2" heel, which for me, at least, is more comfortable.

    But, the Orans are great too. I literally wore mine to death!
  4. Polaremil and Lillyhermes....THANK YOU BOTH for your very helpful advice. So kind to find and post me the link ,and very helpful to have first hand knowledge ! I shall certainly try them for size in store. Thanks again!!!:urock:
  5. moumou-I have to say I had to have my shoe guy add rubber soles to the back & front of them because I did slip & fall.It was raining & I was trying to avoid the rain & walked a little too quickly over a metal strip on the ground & next thing you know I was on the floor.I'm happy I had this done,that's just me.Yes the leather did stretch a little but I have wide feet & so far so good.I love mine:smile:
  6. The sandals are very nice. I did have more trouble breaking in the croc then the box or the lizard.
  7. Hi MouMou! I don't have the Orans but I do have the Oasis. I wish I would have gotten a vibram sole put on them as the leather does feel thin. But I wore them all last summer and they held up great. They are the most comfortable shoes. I am hoping to get a pair of the Orans for this summer.
  8. Diva999 ....sorry to read of your fall,but happy you are ok and have sorted the problem of the slipping sole ! Hope that the 999 doesn't infer that you are accident prone!!( the emergency number here in the UK !!) Many thanks for your helpful comments!

    texashermes and crochetbella....many thanks also.I have made a note of all your invaluable comments!! :hugs:
  9. :biggrin:That's true in the UK the emergency number is 999,where I grew up it was 911:smile:.For the moment I'm ok I guess:P