Oran Sandals Sizing

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    hope you all fine,
    We do not have Hermes in my country. My Boyfriend in Lebanon now and They have a store their. I asked him to buy me Oran Sandal and my size is always 36.5 in shoes ( Chanel, CL.. tc) but he couldn't find it :sad:
    They only have 36 or 37
    so please ladies help me which size should I buy??? do they stretch?? I asked him to buy 37 but am afraid of having too big sandal :sad:
    from your experience with Oran sandals plz advice

  2. if your feet are not too wide, i would go with the 36. these shoes tend to stretch out. i have a friend who has very narrow feet and she can't wear this style.
  3. Thank you so much for your advise, my feet are just norma not very narrow or too wide.
  4. I am 41 in CL VPs and 40 in Orans, if it helps. :smile:
    Can you ask him to measure insoles for you on both sizes?
  5. Yes It does :biggrin:
    sorry but I have another question,
    He also found Oasis sandal so what do you think?? they all look comfortable but which one is more useful???
  6. love the oran... very comfortable & casual... what color is he finding?

    are they available in just the leather or is the lizard/croc available as well??

    they look great with a cropped pant & dress...
  7. I wear between a 36 and have the orans in black and blue leather. They do stretch a lot.
  8. I am size 39.5 but take 39 in open sandals. I have the Oran in a 39. I agree with everyone else, they stretch a lot. Go for 36.
  9. I wear 39.5/40 in most CLs & got my orans in 40 - but I have wide feet.
  10. I wear a 39 in most shoes - and in Hermes boots - but with my wide feet I have to go up a size in the Orans and wear a 39.5 (I wear a 40 in Chanel and Louboutin)
  11. i normally wear 37 but for oran sandals i always buy in 38 because my feet are wide and thick...
  12. yaa he just found leather and oasis in leather and patent.
  13. Same size,, I like the blue but couldn't find it :sad:
  14. I bought 36 :yahoo:
  15. I see, my feet are not that wide so I decided to go for size 36