Oran sandals - NOT for wide feet!!

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  1. Remember those gorgeous satin oran sandals I got ealier? like when it was snowing in NY? Well, I decided to wear them on my trip to hawaii....and I could BARELY get to the gate! They are NOT for wide feet, even if they feel ok in the store....I have tried bending them, etc, to prevent the blister, but to no avail. It seems the bottom of the H cuts into your foot...or perhaps my fat wide feet...

    Just a warning..they feel ok in the store, but watch out when you actually have to walk more than 50ft.

    I'm back into my Merrell flip flops now. :crybaby:
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  2. Sorry to hear that HM. Hope you're enjoying your vacation. :smile:
  3. Thats exactly what happened to me. I wore mine once and sold them on ebay
  4. That just sucks! I have to admit that they did look wide at the store though!
  5. it might be because they are fabric, I don't believe fabric is as flexible as leather. I have 4 pairs of the leather ones and they are like butter. But I stay away from patent because they will not stretch. Maybe check with your SA to see if they can be stretched?
  6. Good idea Agent Kitty. The blisters are small but painful...I think they are headed to the trash or Salvation Army if stretchign does not work.
  7. It's the fabric, leather would soften with use. Maybe using them at home with dampened socks would stretch them a bit?
  8. Dear Ms. H:

    SO SORRY to hear that..... That's why I buy them at 1/2 size or even 1 size bigger to give more room as I have wide fee too!!!

    Hope this info helps....
  9. I have two pairs of the leather and they're very comfy. Maybe the fabric just doesn't stretch...so sorry about that.
  10. I also have several pairs of the Oran sandals and they do fit fine, at least for me. My feet are medium to wide and I pretty much rotate them everyday. I have them in the flats and the one with small heels... Hope you are able to stretch them out. The suggestion about wearing them around the house with socks sounds good....
  11. SOCKS!!!! HM (in the privacy of your suite only). But I am concerned that the satin won't stretch (like Agent Kitty says). It's worth a try though. I think you'll find the leather ones more sucessful.

    See if you can find the tiny little gel plasters for the blisters. Have fun in the sun :cool:
  12. Handybags, I know...the sock suggestion was a nice one, but definitely in the privacy of my own home!! My sister tried them today as well and she found them unbearable after just a luncheon! I think it's the satin/fabric. Thinking of wearing them in the shower!!!
  13. :noggin:

  14. im sorry to hear that. i have the silver one and its one of the most comfortable sandals i've ever owned! i think it helped that a got a size bigger.
  15. Pazt, they was a good move to buy the sandals larger. I always do, my feet swell in the heat so do my fingers. I usually remove my rings for the summer months.