Oran Sandal-anyone else love it as much a I do?

  1. I have a new shoe obsession...the Oran! it is a great everyday sandal. So far I have black, white and a soft gold. Luckily in Southern California I can wear these almost daily. Am I the only one? :heart:
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  2. No, I love, adore this sandle too...I only have black but wore them sooooo much last spring/summer....would love to get another color!! I'm really 'addicted' to H shoes...
  3. How much are these?

    Is anyone a 41? (women's) - do they fit well? Can you walk around all day in them?
  4. can you post a picture?
  5. You can walk all day in them, that is absolutely no problem. They are very comfy.:p
    I'm 37 but I haven't heard any complaints about them from my friends either and they have bigger sizes than I do. :smile:

  6. Thanks! I will definitely be checking these out!
  7. Charlotte has several bright spring colors i noticed today.
  8. I paid $475 USD for the plain ones and $710 USD for the studded ones. I know the croc ones are about $1200.
  9. Thanks for the info! I am going to keep my eyes peeled next time I am at my boutique. I'm sure getting a 41 will be a nightmare...
  10. Any pictures out there???? Are these the ones with the H on the front that if you did not know they were hermes, you would not think it was an H?
  11. Yes Maggie - that's them. There are pics if you do a search :smile:
  12. Just got them in chocolate brown!!! Now I am trying to resist the silver ones. I might be out of control.
  13. Agent Kitty - they also come as a kitten heeled/slingback called Ottomane great if you want to dress it up a little.

  14. reeeeaaallly! that sounds cute too! of course I will check into these ASAP.:yes:
  15. Piaffe, I keep on forgeting to post but two weeks ago I saw the Orans on sale at Richards of Greenwich (CT) and I think they had a 40 and a 41. Not sure if they ship but give them a call just in case.