Optic & Signature Scarves @ TJMaxx

  1. I popped into TJMaxx today at lunch & found a bunch of Optic mufflers/scarfs for $79.99 (90% Merino Wool/10% Cashmere) in purple & pink and a 100% Cashmere Signature scarf in teal for $99.99. I passed on all....

    On a non-Coach note, on Saturday my Marshalls had 7 for all Mankind and Joes Jeans for $79.99 & $99.99... Picked up a pair of Joes Jeans - my first 'skinny' jeans since circa-1992!!!

    Happy Shopping!
  2. I got one of those optic scarves last year and they are totally worth the money. They really helped keep me warm during the winter last year.