Optic Signature Baby Tote

  1. Yeah it is back, in blue, pink, black and kahki....I got in blue when it was around the first time and the white, with the bumble bee....but kept wishing I picked up the pink too! :yahoo:

    Love, Love this bag, as an everyday tote! The slot for the changing pad is perfect for my laptop! Yahoo!
  2. I love those bags! I really want one!
  3. i love this bag too and i love it in pink! for some unknown reason, i thought that the 2nd edition looks a little different from the 1st. maybe the Cs are a tad smaller? it also seem bigger somehow compared to the 1st? :blush: does anyone know?
  4. Those are soooo cute! I just couldn't bring myself to drop that much on one bag. I settled for the next largest size usually.
  5. They are really cute and beautiful bags. I love the pink.
  6. I don't know, I have the blue from the first edition...so when I get the pink, I will let you know! ;)
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