OPTI DMC Zipper??

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  1. Hello all!
    I bought a vintage Chanel purse (approx 10 yrs old, serial# starts w 2) from a private seller and everything matched out (serial #, authenticity card, stamps, white dust cover, etc), except I had a question about the zipper pull inside the bag. The zipper pull was the gold medallion like pull (see pic below) but the company that made the zipper (the white part) says OPTI DMC. Does anyone else have that on their older Chanel bags?? I know a while back there was a discussion regarding YKK zipper pulls, but this is different. Any ideas?? Sorry for the bad pic (its from my phone) but you get the idea! Thanks!!
  2. Mine has that and I was wondering about it as well....
  3. After some investigating with Duri, I have found these zippers on some of the older authentic purses.
  4. Whew. Good to know. Thanks Michele. ^_^
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