Ops please on my first BEs!

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  1. I am thinking of my order and have come up with the following:

    -Love Me in wine pebbled glossy

    -Take me anywhere in a brown pebbled glossy

    -Love me or TME in black python

    Does anyone own a python BE? I did a search but couldn't seem to find anything but clutches. What do you think of a whole TME or Love me out of python? (if you dont like exotics- no need to respond and definitely dont check out my collection:P)

    For the TME- milk chocolate glossy pebbled or dark chocolate glossy pebbled? Any thoughts or opinions? Anyone have pics of them?

    Is the main diff between the tme and the lm an extra zipper? They look sorta the same to me?

    Hardware- I thought I read where the gold tarnishes- is this true? I would want silver for the black python but maybe gold with with the wine?

    Do I get a choice on lining color? If so what colors do they offer?

    Any thoughts, opinions, advice welcomed. thanks!
  2. There is a bespoke that looks like it will go forward for the milk chocolate pebbled glossy TME here:


    You could join and get the 20% discount. The TME is a wonderful bag. It's my favorite.
    You're right the LM and TME are similar except for the handles, hw, and extra zipper.

    Lining choices: light blue, grey, red, pink.......not quite sure of others.

    I love your first 2 choices, sorry but can't help with the python.
  3. Hi Lionlaw...nice to see you!

    Sorry can't help on the python. Other gals will chime in, I'm sure.

    I have a large Hug Me in the choc glossy leather. I believe soem of the ladies have remarked that the dark Choc glossy give a slightly more formal or professional look to the TME over the choc glossy, which is more of milk chocolate color.

    I don't have the TME, but have several Love Me's and I think the Love Me is slightly larger. I am also a sucker for the additional hardware (i.e. gromments at the top) and the gorgeous Love Me plaited strap is a classic. It still remains my favorite style.

    I think I read somewhere that there were some concerns about using the pebbled leathers on a larger bag such as the TMA..but personally I think a pebbled wine TMA would be absolutley gorgeous. I had toyed with that combination myself.

    Yes, BE is also offering additonal lining color choices now. I believe there is red, and light blue. There is a third one too I think. The BE concierage thread may have the options.

    Also I have had no problem with my hardware tarnishing. I have a Fiamma Red Love Me with gold and have not had any issues.

    I think the pebbled wine Love Me would be a stunner...and also the TMA. Great choices!
  4. I think choices 1 and 2 would be great.

    I have bag 1 and it is delicious. It has gold hardware which is not tarnishing. I would actually like it to dull down slightly but it hasn't. Most of my bags have silver hardware and I feel the same about that - I wish it would tarnish a bit. I think the Love Me is a bit deeper from front to back than the TME but I might be wrong. I find its extra zipper etc much more attractive.

    I have the Chocolate Pebbled Glossy in another style (Large Hug Me). It is very nice but I might like it a bit darker. As you can tell, I would like it better in a Love Me but the TME will be nice too and you can take advantage of the group bespoke going on.
  5. Hi, Lionlaw,

    The fuchsia lining is the standard and is gorgeous. You can also get light blue, red, and gray. The gray is silk like the others but a bit stiffer according to Rose.

    I think the main thing with the TME is it doesn't have the grommets? Not as much hardware. And it has rolled handles. I can definitely see the Love Me as a "Lionlaw bag." Not surprised you chose that one.

    The picture of the dark chocolate pebbled glossy (cervo lux) doesn't look that great, but Bali Girl just reported, having seen it in person while in London, that it is gorgeous. If you get the TME in milk chocolate pebbled glossy, it could possibly come to 8 total orders for the discount. I would LOVE for that to happen!!! The milk chocolate is pretty and is suitable for more year round, I'm hearing. You might already have something in the darker....one of your PRadas I think you said?

    I have seen python used for trim, but you should contact Rose on that question to see what is available and the cost etc. I bet a python Love Me would be fabulous!!! I see you more as a Love Me person based on your Choo personality, but with your Sophias in Ignes, I think that might relate to the TME style?
  6. Contessa is getting red lining for her milk chocolate pebbled glossy TME, BTW, and I am getting light blue having seen finzup's hug me in this leather and lining.

    I kinda wish the hardware were less super-shiny. I love the Ignes brushed gold, for instance. I have one bag that looks tarnishy. I'm not sure what the deal is...but it isn't as super-shiny so it's kinda good.
  7. I agree with Euridice! If I were to select a BE bag for you it would be the Love Me!! The TME is great but seems a bit smaller than the Love Me. I know you like your bags a bit bigger.

    I would love to see the Python!
  8. #8 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    Thanks everyone!!

    So Euridice- the milk choc glossy that you are getting-- how does it compare with the prada cacao color?

    Here are pics of my cervo pradas- I am trying to get the BE in a different color brown.





    Also, here is a pic of my brown deekskin bv- is this the color of the dark chocolate?


    thanks and sorry for so many questions!!
  9. Does the Prada in your top photo look paler and less red brown than that in some lights. The Choco Pebbled Glossy does.
  10. Not really. the cacao color is always a reddish brown-- here is a pic outside:


    Is the milk chocolate pebbled glossy as light as this? Lighter?

    Do you know how much darker is the dark chocolate?
  11. I think the BE Milk Choco Pebbled looks more like both of these pics, according to lighting. It does not seem quite as rich or red a brown as your bag. Focus on the Milk Chocolate image.

    Attached Files:

  12. Gorgeous! Ok, thanks! I think I am going to go dark chocolate for a twist with red lining and gold hardware.

    thank you for all of your help!
  13. Wow, the TME in that thread in the lighter color is gorgeous. So by doing the bespoke route, you save something on the price, or do you just avoid the bespoke fees?

    Would it be too duplicative to get the TME in the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate in the Love me style?
  14. The group bespoke saves you 10% of the normal price of the bag and you get free shipping.

    If you are very quick and order an individual bespoke now, you may still qualify to get the bag for the normal price and not pay the extra 20%. You should ask Rose about that fast!

    If you like brown bags a lot, that would not be a bad move.