Ops on this bag, pls

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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    I fell in love with this bag, but some pretty harsh comments from a friend have me questioning myself. I think it is gorgeous, but don't want to be walking down the street with people saying what is the fugly thing she is carrying. I got it 60% off on sale, but it was a $5K bag so even on sale, it was $$$$. The sides buckle in so it can be worn two diff ways.

    So what do you think? Please, if you do not like exotics, no need to brow-beat me, just agree to disagree.

    Miss Pocket Limited Edition Patchwork snake bag:



  2. To be very honest it doesnt look like 5k ... and even if it is 5k and designer....I don't like it at all... Edgy bags can be cool but this one.....Sorry ...:sad:
  3. Can you try it on for us?
  4. I love the design.

    The jacquard pattern isn't for everyone though, so maybe that's what your friend balked at.
  5. Show us a modeling pic?

    I could never pull this bag off but then again I'm not a big fan of the print either. If you like it and feel that it looks good on you then you should keep it. If your already questioning the bag then maybe this one isn't it for you.
  6. i can't see the pics, but if you love the bag, who cares what anyone else thinks!
  7. Well....it is definitely a head-turner. But, I don't like it if I can see a woman's bag from across the street and it is the only thing I see. Personally, for me, it is way too busy, and I don't have a thing to wear with it. But, I don't know your wardrobe, and it might be totally fitting. I just have my doubts about it, really. And, you know, if you wear this one for two weeks straight, you might get really tired of it. I think that if I were going to spend over $1000 on a bag, I'd feel like I'd want to wear it more often, and I just don't think I would do it with this bag.
  8. I like it, but I don't think it would be worth that price, at that price a purse should be more versitile, and basic (IMO). I would want a classic, timeless bag. But if you like it, It was 60% off:graucho:
  9. Is it too late to return it? I just ask that because if you fell in love with it, then wear it, keep it, show it off. But if you are asking because you are in serious doubt, then maybe .... you might want to reconsider your purchase.

    When I was very young and platforms were in, I had mine made because of my foot size, and I was crazy about how high I could get them and being 5' 1" it was a big deal to me and would design my own shoes to get what I wanted. Some people didn't get it, some did. I didn't care they were me.

    If this bag is you, go for it.
  10. I don't like it. I think it's too busy and it looks as if it's trying to be the same shape as a YSL Downtown bag and failing miserably. Sorry, but you did ask ...
  11. I don't like it, but I am not a fan of exotic leathers and that's my qualm more than the print.
  12. It's not my thing, but I am very traditional and not edgy at all. If you dress edgy and are into that style, then keep it. But if you are having serious doubts and regrets, you should probably return it.

    But if you as in love with it as you say you are, then someone else's opinion and style shouldn't concern you.
  13. First of all, if you fell in love with this bag and you think it is gorgeous, why are you concerned about others? It is about you and what you like.

    I personally like it. It is not ordinary and that is a good thing. I am picturing it with a black turtleneck, pants and belted coat, which would look fab. Also, how about a pair of gray jeans with a red top or a short black jacket? Or over a classic beige trench? It is a bold bag, so the clothes should be classic and understated - together the outfit would look great. In my opinion it is how you carry the bag that makes it look good or not and in any event, you like it.

    You have a very large variety of handbags, but this is different than anything else you have. I'd say keep it and wear it in good health.
  14. Thank you everyone for your opinions. Yes, I know it is all about me and what I love, but I have never had someone react so negatively to one of my bags before so I just wanted a gut check. Even if I adore something, if it is tacky or loud, I would want someone to tell me no.

    Thanks again.